Find Cheap Wedding Rings

Buy from people. You may think you can get a better deal from jewelry stores but this notion is false. Most people who are selling wedding rings are desperate, which means they can be persuaded to take less than the asking price.

Learn how to test jewelry. If you don't have a jewelry tester, you should learn how to find markings of real gold or silver. Real silver has .925 on the inside of the ring and real gold would have a number with a K on the right of the number.

Flea markets. You may think that flea markets don't have a lot of jewelry but you are wrong, they not only have plenty of jewelry but they also have great variety. All of the jewelry shops will be inside due to obvious security risks. You should rent a jewelry tester or even borrow one from a friend to decide if one is real. You can also look at the stamp on the inside of the ring, which will be stamped with 10k, 14k or 24k Gold.

Craigslist. Sites like Craigslist have plenty of people who are possibly desperate. This will also enable you to look at a good number of listings in a relatively short amount of time. You should write down all the best deals along with contact numbers so you can go back and call each contact to see if they are willing to negotiate and mark down each one that isn't firm.

eBay. This site is great because of the large audience you will reach. There is also an oppurtunity to bid on each item, meaning you can get a better deal. Always look for the listings that have had the fewest number of bids and the least amount of interest.

Negotiate. You may not feel comfortable doing this because of the social stigma involved. If this is the case, then you should realize this is a one time deal and hopefully you won't have to buy any more wedding rings. You could also get a friend to help you out by letting him or her do the talking.