How to find a dentist in Tijuana Mexico

1. Tijuana is the best place to go for dentistry in my opinion. It's right across from the border from San Diego and it is much easier to access with the San Diego airport not being too far either. Flights to San Diego tend to be cheaper and more often then other border towns like El Paso, Texas.

2. Go to google and type in words like "dentist in tijuana" or "dentist in mexico". You should get a huge list of available dentists. Now the problem is how to filter and screen for them.

3. There are a 3 things you should search for. One is obviously price. Prices should be about 60%-80% off compared to the US. If the website does not list the price upfront, beware. You might get a price jack when you get there so skip the dentist if there is no price. Two, after you go through the websites and find a few dentists you like, give them a call. If they can't talk to you in english, skip them too. Ask them if they guarantee their work and how long the work takes. Also ask for details on the procedure, the longer they talk to you and answer your questions, the more reliable they will be. If your answers are short and non helpful that means the doctor has not taken the time to train their staff, another thing to watch out for.

4. Also I cannot mention this enough to first time users, make sure the dentist offer quality service. It's not worth it save a few bucks if they end up fucking up your teeth. See how much the clinic wants to help you. See if they will help you with hotel accommodations and figure out how you will get there. Ask yourself, "Do you feel comfortable with this company after getting all the basic info"

5. The great thing about dental work in TJ versus the US is the time frame. US dentists have gotten spoiled and will drag dental work out for months. Most work in TJ will take form 2 to 8 days depending on how complicated your procedure is. You should probably plan one extra day just in case.

6. Travel

Tips and Warnings

One good tip is to to bring a travelers check instead of cash. Honestly I've never been jacked in Tijuana, but you never know. Also, traveling during the day is safest. At night beware of the cops, they might hustle you for a couple dollars or take your ID. Photocopy your passport and state id just in case.

Despite what you have heard on the news Tijuana is pretty safe. More people get killed in Oakland then TJ. Maybe if you head more south of TJ there will be more problems