Many Western men dream of dating a hot Asian women. I want to let you guys know just how easy it is to find the Asian girl of your dreams. Thanks to the Internet it has never been easier to find a sexy Asian wife. Forget stories of mail order brides - today's Asian women are smart, sophisticated and just might have a better job than you do! If you want to know how to find your dream Asian wife, then read on...

Beautiful asian ladyFirst I'd like to introduce myself. I'm in my late 30's and I've never been married before. So that's put paid to the first myth of the mail order bride business - that only old guys in their 50's and 60's are interested in looking for an Asian wife. That also busts the second myth in that only guys who have been through a terrible costly divorce with a Western woman will want to marry an Asian lady.

I can assure you that men looking for Asian wives online are from all different age groups - the youngest guy I know who travelled to Asia to meet his new Asian girlfriend was in his early 20s, and the oldest guy I know was 65. And no, the 65 year old did not have a 20 year old Thai girlfriend!

Talking of Thai ladies - the countries men are looking for Asian brides is also changing. Thai ladies have lovely smiles and are very beautiful, but on most online dating sites these days they are starting to get outnumbered by their Chinese sisters! Chinese ladies are very beautiful indeed. Popular dating sites for making contact with Chinese ladies looking for Western husbands have some of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen. Having been to China, I can confirm that the ladies look just as beautiful in real life!

How to find your dream Asian wife online

Before you look for your dream asian wife online it's worth thinking about if you want a wife from Asia, or whether you specifically want a wife from a particular Asian country. I can assure you that Thailand, China and Japan are very different to each other! In particular the Chinese and Japanese languages are not at all similar. In fact, China is such a vast country that the ladies from different areas look completely different, from the short dark ladies of Guangzhou in the South to the tall, pale skinned Beijing ladies in the North.

There are three main ways of finding an Asian wife online:

  1. Dating sites
  2. Introduction agencies
  3. Escorted tours

Dating sites

Dating sites are the easiest way to make contact with single Asian ladies looking for Western men online. There are loads of dating sites - some will have ladies from many Asian countries while if you know which country you want to find a wife from then it's worth checking out one of the niche dating sites that have ladies from China, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan. Dating sites tend to be free to sign up for so you can register and have a look to see if you find a lady you like the look of (I guarantee that you will!)

Dating sites can either operate on a fixed price for each email you send to a lady, whereas others will charge a fixed monthly or annual fee. If I was starting out again I would go down the annual fee route.

Introduction agencies

Introduction agencies will charge a fixed fee for helping you to find the single Asian lady of your dreams. They normally interview ladies in order to find ladies who are serious about finding a Western husband. Once you find the single Asian lady of your dreams then the agency will help you will marriage arrangements as well as the complex visa regulations associated with getting your new Asian bride back to your own country should you both decide that's where you want to live. Introduction agencies are particularly popular with older gentlemen who will be more comfortable with the fees associated with them and who aren't particularly fussed with arranging their own lavish wedding ceremony.

Introduction agencies are particularly common in Thailand. Due to poor business regulations in China I sadly cannot recommend any Chinese introduction agencies at this time, so please be careful.

Escorted tours

Escorted tours are useful if you've not been to Asia before, or you're the type of guy who is more comfortable chatting up women in the flesh rather than emailing them or seeing them on webcam. There are a number of online agencies that arrange escorted tours of countries such as Thailand and China. On an escorted tour you'll get to meet plenty of single Asian women looking for Western husbands. The great thing about an escorted tour is that you can easily gauge whether there is chemistry between you and your potential partner.

The main problem with escorted tours is that they can be quite expensive, and are usually much more expensive compared to visiting a country on your own. I'd also be worried that the agency arranging the tour has just found a load of ladies off the street, and that they may not really be serious about looking for a Western husband!

When booking an escorted tour, always use a reputable agency!

Problems with dating Asian women

I have to warn any of you guys thinking of dating an Asian woman - you will get a lot of suspicion from your friends and family. If you date a Thai lady then be prepared for annoying comments about whether she used to be a bar girl or a prostitute. You'll also get lots of "she's only marrying you for your money". I guess in some cases this is probably the case, but Western women are also very often attracted to rich men, so I don't know what the problem is. Today's Asian women aren't always poor, uneducated women either. In particular, Chinese ladies are for the most part extremely well educated. If you register with any of the popular Chinese dating sites it won't be long before you come across some women with extremely good careers such as businesswomen, company directors, actresses, musicians and small business owners. While Chinese salaries are very low compared with Western salaries, the lower taxes and low cost of living mean that these ladies have pretty good lifestyles in their own cities.

So let's get this straight - dating an Asian woman or even marrying her isn't going to be easy. But you can reassure yourself, your friends and your family that marriages between Asian women and Western men have a much lower divorce rate compared to marriages between two Western people. I know many people in mixed race marriages and on the whole they do seem incredibly happy with the way things worked out for them.

Obviously there is also a huge language and cultural barrier for you to overcome, but I'll write more about this in a future article!

Good luck with finding your dream Asian bride online!