How to find a job...there is an easier way

The traditional approach for how to find a job is the least effective.  The most common approach is to look in the Sunday paper for help wanted ads.  Or to look at job searches on the internet at sites like or  While these approaches are common, they are by far the least effective methods for finding a job.

By the time you see a job opening posted on or it is already too late.  I am not saying it is not possible to find a job this way.  However, it is one of the most difficult ways.  As a hiring manager in several positions from farm labor to top corporate positions, I have learned what really goes on behind the scenes. 

The fact is, the hiring process is difficult, particularly in the corporate world.  There are all kinds of HR (human resource) requirements, red tape, policies, procedures, systems to navigate etc.  By the time a hiring manager has waded through all this mess, and finally gets a job posted, they have already found a candidate for the position.  The hiring manager is not thinking how to find a job for their candidates.  They are concerned about how they will get successful results. 

Managers are busy people, and they don't have lots of time to spend on the hiring process.  YOU can make it easy for them to fill a job opening! More on that in a minute.  What usually happens is the hiring manager looks around their own organization for candidates.  They want to hire a "known quantity".  That is to say, they would rather hire someone they already know. OR they hire someone that is well known by some one they trust. 

There is a saying that goes, "A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the bush".  In other words, its easier to go with someone you already have (or know), rather than beating the bushes to find someone you don't know.

It is difficult to wade through stacks of resumes.  After awhile they all look the same.  Arranging interviews, and taking detailed notes to ensure you are meeting hiring laws, it becomes a mess to hire someone new.  Managers WANT to find the right candidate fast, and easy if possible.  

You can use this knowledge to help you be successful finding a job.  Now that you know how challenging it is for a hiring manager to fill a new position, you can make it easier for them.  You can set yourself on top by going the extra mile.  Here is how you do it. 

You don't have to wait for a job "opening" to make yourself known to a new employer.  Identify the type of work you would like to do first.  Then select 15 to 20 companies or businesses that do the type of work you are interested in doing.  Don't worry if they have job openings or not.  It is better if they don't at the moment.  Shift your thinking from how to find a job, to how you will help the hiring manager be successful.

Write a brief cover letter that explains your desire to help them be successful.  Outline the skills and abilities you have.  Describe how you will make their business more successful.  Include a copy of your resume. Indicate in the letter that you WILL be following up with a phone call in a couple of days. 

This part is important.  Identify the person in the company that has the most power to hire.  Don't be intimidated here.  Remember that you are providing a solution.  Remember all the hassle a hiring manager goes through to find good help.  You are making it EASY for this manager to find the right!  With smaller companies and businesses, it is easier to find the president's name.  Often you can walk right in and hand the letter to them or their assistant.  Tell the assistant or the president that you will follow up with a call in 3 days.

Three days later call the president, vice president or hiring manager.  Ask them if they have any questions.  Tell them how much you would like to help them.  If you have observed ways you might help them, describe them.  Do some research on their business and share an article you found on how to solve a particular problem.  Tell them that you will follow up in a week. 

Most managers will be blown away.  They are not used to someone taking the initiative.  Remember, you are helping them.  Any business can only be successful with good people working to make that happen.  YOU are that person.  Even if they don't have a job opening at the moment, they will be looking for a way to get you hired. Hopefully you have shifted your focus from how to find a job, to how you will help the company be successful. 

Follow up with a brief call in 7 days.  Again, share an article or even a suggestion about how you might help them.  Even better, offer your services for free for a day or two. 

Follow these steps with 15 to 20 companies, and you WILL have offers within 30 to 60 days.  Don't think about how to find a job, think about how you will create value for the company.  It isn't the concern of a hiring manager to just fill a job opening.  They are thinking about how to get results.  In fact the hiring manager won't be impressed with how much you need a job.  They will be impressed by how you can help them be successful. 

I have used this approach with great success.  I felt so much more confident when I approached the hiring manager because I came to give them something instead of asking for something.  That is the secret.  You are not going there begging for something.  You are offering something of value.