Search online for loan sharks. Besides forums and discussion boards, you can go to most search engines like google and search for loan sharks. Scams happen online, but occasionally you will find a decent company. These company's deal mainly with people who have no credit, this is why they are forced to charge unreasonable rates. You can find these websites by scanning the loan shark forums or private lending forums.

Confirm a lenders credibility. You can go to the better business bureau website or talk on the phone with potential lenders, some will require a meeting in person but this shouldn't bother you because they are just trying to get to know you and "get a read" on you to see if you are likely to pay or not. If they sense you are a decent person, they will likely deal with you, if not good luck finding a loan without credit.

Advertise on Craigslist. It doesn't have to be Craigslist but it wouldn't hurt to list on as many similar sites as you can. The business lending section allows you to post your business interest and they even have a section for personal loans. You can post ads that describe your needs and situation. Loan sharks also scan Craigslist and other similar sites for potential lenders.

Leave your all information. On every lending site or forum that you advertise on, you should not only leave your email but also your phone number. This may seem a bit too cautious but if you're desperate enough, it's the only way. You can change your number later as you will start to receive phone calls immediately.

Only advertise on legitimate websites. It's not hard to identify a site that will put spyware on your computer or spam your email. If a site is littered with ads and ridiculous pop-ups, you should probably hit backspace and take a look at the top 5 listings or a different choice. You should look through the forums to find legitimate websites to advertise on.

Search bulletin boards in your town. Anywhere bulletin boards are located is a good place to start. Churches, laundry mats, colleges, country clubs or parks. Basically, you should be posting little notes all around town at every bulletin board you can find. Talk about your situation as briefly as possible, but make it straight to the point. As always, list your contact email and number.