Bulletin boards. Bulletin boards are a great place to reach out to people and find loan sharks. You might not find anyone advertising as a lender but just by leaving your name and information, you can find contacts. You shouldn't leave too much information, just enough to ensure potential lenders that you are a good person capable of paying your debts.

Advertise on Craigslist. Craigslist is a great way to connect with many different types of people, including loan sharks. There is a business and lending section that allows you to post ads. You can post ads that describe your needs and situation. A loan shark will frequently go through these listings to identify which ones have the lowest risk.

Peer-2-peer. Peer-2-peer lending networks enable private lenders and borrowers to come together without dealing with banks. You simply have to fill out the credit forms and employment information to meet with other lenders all over the world. You might not stand a chance at getting a loan from a bank because of your credit, but with peer-2-peer lending, other lenders can choose to take on extra risk in exchange for a higher interest rate.

Advertise on forums, message boards or meet contacts in chat. Forums or chat rooms like Yahoo allow you to choose your conversation topic. Some message boards and chat rooms even have loan sharks as a conversation topic. This will allow you to meet possible lenders and contacts that can link you with potential lenders.

Verify the lenders credibility. Each lender you deal with will require you to meet with them in person, you should take this opportunity to get to know the lender and if you get a loan online, the lender will already be verified. Try to do a background check if you are dealing with someone you don't know but if that's not possible take every precaution to protect yourself.