Deciding on a tutor for your child does not have to be a daunting or a costly experience. There are many options for tutoring services. Once you've determined in which subject or subjects your child needs help you can begin the search. Help is available from standardized test preparation to a specific subject. The following tips will enable you to find the tutor that will best fit your needs.

Things You Will Need

First, check with the school that your child attends. If your state has tests that students are required to pass, the school may offer free tutoring in those subjects. Many states require students to pass math and reading tests before advancing to the next level. The guidance department at your school will be able to inform you of tutoring subjects offered and the times offered. Some schools will not only offer after school tutoring, but also may offer lunch or morning tutoring sessions

Many districts have a community service component attached to graduation requirements. The guidance departments at school are also a good place to check for students who tutor to fulfill service hours. Honor Society members are an excellent source of tutoring services for free. The list of subjects offered will be as varied as the student body. Need a French tutor? The French honor society will have a qualified tutor. Not only will you have access to a talented individual, they may also have had the same teacher.

Certified school teachers are also an excellent source for tutors. Need extra help with an Advanced Placement Class? AP teachers are often available for tutoring after school and on weekends. Schools will keep a list of teachers who are available for tutoring in their guidance departments. Ask for the teacher's credentials and any special training that they have received in the subject area. If you're not happy with your particular school feel free to call the top school in your area. They will be happy to put you in touch with a qualified tutor. Costs will vary by area.

Finally, Tutoring centers are superb resource. Tutoring centers are located in convient locations and offer extended hours for students. Reputedable Tutoing centers will be happy to schedule a visit so you and your child. Talk to parents and students who have used that particular Center to see it it meets your needs. Although these are fee based services, many have scholarships available for students who qualify. Be sure to ask if there are scholarships or grants available.

Your child's education will be one of the best investments that you can make. The reward for helping your child succeed is better grades and greater self confidence. Knowing where to start to get the academic help is a great beginning to a better future for your child

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