The price of baby clothes go up depending on how much demand there is. This means, you have to cut corners and find out when the demand is the lowest. During certain times of the year, clothing sales either drop or spike. If you're smart, you will pay attention to this as well as other methods to save money on baby clothes.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Shop at flea markets. A flea market will likely have products and clothing for a toddler. You can get large discounts on baby clothing. The best part about the flea market is, the price is always negotiable. So don't be afraid to negotiate a little when buying from flea markets.

Step 2

Shop during key times of the year. If you wait till certain times of the year, you can get discounts on clearance items and take advantage of the lack of demand. You can take advantage of clearance sales in early January when the supply is way up and the demand is down due to the holidays. Most people get they're shopping done before January and most stores purchase too much product.

Step 3

Shop at yard sales. You might not think yard sales have baby products but a lot of them do. People who do yard sales are usually doing it to get rid of items they no longer need. Those items could include baby cribs, baby clothes or baby shoes. It's always good to look through your local paper for yard sales to see if there is three or four in the same area of town.

Step 4

Buy in bulk. You can estimate the rate at which your child will grow based on age and size statistics. You can then use this data to save money from buying baby clothes in bulk. You can buy a certain number of outfits for each year at one sale. This will save you close to 20 percent depending on where you shop.

Step 5

Don't purchase name brand clothing. This is a common problem when parents shop for baby clothes. You find yourself wanting the best for your child, which is understandable. However, there are ways to find similar clothing at a discount and without the expensive label. Big retailers like Wal-mart offer items that are at a large discount but look similar to the name brand clothing.

Step 6

Shop at thrift stores. Thrift stores have clothing that is donated by people who no longer need or use it. You can find good clothing that has barely been worn for up to 80 percent off its original cost. You can search online to find a local thrift shop.


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