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Why spend alot on something that you are just going to throw out?

I know that when I had my first baby, I spent hours (literally, hours...I know. yikes.) poring over the diaper aisles, and the diaper reviews, trying to find the best, softest, most premium diaper for my little newborn's tooshie.  I needed "sensitive", "soft", an "umbilical cord notch", and, of course, the package had to say "newborn" and also something comforting like "swaddlers."  Yea.  No cheap diapers for me.

Needless to say, I did not give a second thought to the price tag on the diapers, much less to the unit prices, or price per diaper, which is really the best way of determining your best value.

Of course, this was also back when I worked and my husband worked (I refer to those days as "when we were rich"- but of course we weren't.)  Now, I don't work, we live on a single enlisted military income, and we have had 3 babies.  I am all about the cheap diapers

I have been on a quest to find the cheapest diapers that still don't explode as soon as they get, ahem, "used."  Really, I have had good luck with all the off brands, the premium brands with coupons, the store brands, even the dollar tree brands.  All of them seem to contain pee with fair regularity.  In fact, some of the most premium diapers such as Pampers and Huggies have caused me more problems.  Although I must admit there may have been a case of unrealistically high expectations.  I mean, they essentially cost their weight in gold bullion, they better keep the poop inside the diaper.  Sheesh.

I can usually find the best deals on Luvs on amazon...

Luvs With Ultra Leakguards Size 4 Diapers 180 Count
Amazon Price: $79.00 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 3, 2016)

Balancing "cheapness" with "quality"

I think the main thing you are going to have to do is determine how low you are willing to go in terms of quality.  First of all, you need to experiment with different store brands and less expensive "premium" or "name brand" diapers, such as Luvs (my personal favorite.)  Buy a smaller pack (combine with coupon for the best savings) and see how they perform. 

If they are not quite as good as your beloved "swaddlers", determine if you are willing to endure an occasional leak to save 50 bucks a month, give or take.  Beleive me, it's not going to bother your sweetie's little hiny.  Their tooshie is not going to know the difference whether it is being "swaddled" or "wal-mart baby choice(d?)". 

On the other extreme is buying ridicuously cheap chinese manufactured diapers with no english on the package that leave red marks all over your baby.  In my mind, it's not worth any savings in that case.

 My personal reccomendation for a middle ground is Luv's diapers on amazon.com (especially if you combine with eCoupon or subscribe and save), or a high quality store brand such as Target's Up&Up.

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Size 1, 100 Count
Amazon Price: $33.95 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 3, 2016)

How to use Amazon.com to find cheap diapers

In all honesty, I used to try and do coupon matchups, scouring the papers and blogs for hours to get the cheapest possible prices on diapers.  And I did have some success.  But then I realized that I was running myself ragged to, essentially, save 2-4 cents per diaper over the great prices I could get on amazon.com.  Plus the fact that amazon ships them to you for free, and I was burning a decent bit of gas running around town.  And, of course, I always had to pick up a little treat for my sweeties for being "so good in the store while mommy sorted her coupons."  All my savings pretty much fly out the window.

So now I take the easier, and still cheaper than buying in the store, route. 


Here are some tips for buying cheap diapers on Amazon.com:


Look at the Price Per Diaper (ppd)

Price Per Diaper on Amazon
Credit: Price Per Diaper on Amazon

One great thing about amazon is that it already has the price per diaper calculated for you in the list.  I always walked around with a calculator in the diaper aisle, struggling to calculate the price per diaper, then subtracting my coupon, then re-calculating, all while at least one of the kids is having some sort of melt down or coniption fit.  If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.  I love that now I don't have to do that.  I shop for diapers during nap time or at night time.

But I digress.  So, check the price per diaper that amazon has for you in the product listing.  Then, scroll over to your right and check in the buy box.  There will be an option for "one time delivery", or an option for "subscribe and save."  Here is where you can save another 5%, bringing the price per diaper down further.

Subscribe and Save
Credit: Subscribe and Save

If you are not familiar with the "subscribe and save" option on amazon.com, it's very simple to use.  There are no commitments, so you can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty.  Just make sure to wait until after your diapers ship.  I ususally cancel my subscription because every time I buy diapers, I like to compare all the prices on amazon and find the best deal.

OK, last step to get the best savings....

Check for coupons on Amazon.com

amazon diaper coupons
Credit: amazon diaper coupons

Scroll down the page, and on your left under "special products and promotions", check to see if there are any amazon coupons available for these diapers. These can bring your price per diaper down even further!  If there is a coupon, all you need to do is to click "click this coupon", and you will see it automatically applied in your cart.

I do the same thing for wipes and pull ups.  This really saves me money each month, athough not as much as when I cloth diapered my son.  See my review of the diapers I used with him, the Bum Genius 4.0

I hope that this article has been helpful to you in your quest to save money on diapers.  I guess potty training is th only real solution to the problem, but that's a whole nother article!