Summer house rentals are a great way to enjoy some time away from home without necessarily spending as much as you would for a hotel. However, to get good deals on vacation summer rentals, you often have to book well in advance, as discount vacation rentals tend to get snapped up well before the peak summer holiday season starts.

This is especially true if you are looking for summer rental deals in popular destinations such as the New Jersey shore, Cape Cod, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Pacific Northwest. With some people feeling less gloomy about the economy, vacation rental deals are getting filled up more in advance now than they were in previous years. In addition, the summer rental market is also working against prospective vacationers because of the United States’ economic woes.

Construction of new vacation rental homes went down during the recession, driving down supply; while at the same time, more and more people are choosing to vacation closer to home, motivated by rising gas prices, and thus choosing nearby beach destinations for a summer getaway rather than flying to more faraway exotic destinations.  

All this means that those seeking cheap vacation summer rentals have less bargaining power than before. Still, it is possible to snag good deals on vacation rental homes if you try to book your summer rentals well in advance, and try to avoid peak periods like the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. Summer vacation rental package rates in general have not gone up, and there is good availability at some destinations in spite of high demand. The following are some desirable destinations where you can still hope to get discount vacation rentals.

New Jersey Beach Rentals

The New Jersey Shore offers some great options for beach vacation rentals. New Jersey summer rentals can be obtained along the beach in many destinations including Cape May and Asbury Park. Rates have not gone up since lean times, and a good way to save money on summer rentals along the New Jersey Shore is to book a rental a few blocks away from the shore, which is still a great option. There are no real budget deals right on the beach.

Gulf Coast vacation rentals along the Alabama coast

The beaches on the Alabama coastline have recovered from the infamous oil spill n the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Now the beaches are clean, beautiful and vacation-worthy once again, and the area could really use your tourist dollars to get back on its feet. It is also easier to score a bargain on vacation rental homes in this area, as it is trying to entice vacationers back. 

Outer Banks North Carolina

Summer rental houses in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

The barrier islands of North Carolina are prime summer tourist destinations, but it is possible to score some good deals here. It can be hard to book here in late July and early August, but prices start going down later in August when the weather is still warm. This is a great time to book a discount summer rental deal in the Outer Banks.


Vacation summer rentals in New England - the Maine coast and the lakes region of New Hampshire

Maine has a glut of vacation rental home properties owing to a sluggish real estate market. This makes it possible to score a good deal on a summer rental in Maine. It is possible to get good summer rental deals here even in peak season - July through August - and close to the ocean. Further inland, the Lakes region of New Hampshire has good summer deals available. Although availability may be more limited than Maine, the rents are very reasonable, especially off the water.

Summer vacation rentals in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Although we often tend to think of summer rental homes as being along the beach, there are many fine inland destinations too. Near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there are great deals available for cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. You can get a cabin in beautiful surroundings with a hot tub for just $99 from Cabins for You. And Dollywood theme park also offers vacation rentals just outside the park, which often offer great deals such as extra free nights.