Forklift toys - remote control to wood

OHSA, your boss, annoying co-workers - leave all those worries at the worksite and let's talk about forklift toys and games.  Whether you want a model to build and put on the shelf, LEGO or Duplo for your youngster, or perhaps a remote control model for you - there are lots of toy and game choices.

Amazon actually offers a pretty good selection from Bruder, Playmobil and a variety of remote control options for the big kids (adults).  You can even find a few wooden models that appear to be hand crafted and not mass made production pieces.  Surprisingly, ToysRus has a very limited selection and a variety of oddities can always be found on eBay as well.  I also went directly to Bruder's toy website and surprisingly the selection was not that extensive.

On eBay there is a larger variety of toys over Amazon, with over 700 examples of various forklift toys versus only a few options on Amazon.  For instance, you can find some old classic metal die-cast examples if you are a collector of say Hot Wheels, but I wouldn't necessarily get them for your youngster to beat up.  They also seemed to have many "salesman samples" that were created to help sales guys or just serve as promotional items and some of those are kind of cool depending on what you are seeking.  eBay didn't seem to have as many remote control toy options as Amazon oddly enough, but certainly lots of collectible options.  I also found a few unique options on which has lots of industry news as well.

I went through several pages of Google search and didn't really see any other options for toys - anyone else know some other options?  Perhaps someone has a friend that makes junk metal examples of the real thing or cool wood models?  Took me awhile to find a pedal powered fork truck for my kid, but it was over $300 !  Anyhow, still thinking about it, and if you want to check it out the website it is which has lots of pedal powered options.

As I find more sources, I will update this article, but if anyone has any other ideas of websites to check out, please share them.

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