You probably have friends from college or even high school that you've lost touch with. There are lots of reasons why you might want to meet friends online. You may have a lost love or you just stopped writing to a pen pal & now you miss them. It's even an opportunity to get closer to your coworkers or your current group of friends. If you are shy, it might be easier for you to express yourself & even crack jokes online. It's a great way to break the ice & really come out of your shell. Here is how to meet friends online when you already know the person.

Things You Will Need

Internet connection

Step 1

Join a social networking site. The two biggest sites are Facebook & Myspace. Facebook seems to have gained in popularity over the years. However, there you will generally have to be accepted as someone's friend before you can view their profile. The added advantage to Facebook is that it helps you to meet friends online. It will gather up people that you might know based on your friends list & where you attended school. You can then add these people online. Myspace provides a little more anonymity if you aren't comfortable sharing your last name online.

Step 2

Look through your email address book. You might have hundreds of contacts in your email account. You probably won't remember who most of them are. This is a chance to do some spring cleaning. When you see someone that you want to email, do it immediately. This way you won't lose your courage & it won't slip your mind again.

Step 3

Find their company website. We often associate people with what they do. If you remember the name of their business, look it up. You'll probably be able to send them an email through a contact link. Keep the letter somewhat professional just because it's their work email. You can always exchange personal email addresses later on.

Step 4

Have reasonable expectations. When you meet friends online, you might have to start your relationship all over again. Don't expect to just go back to being someone's best friend. Sure, you can talk about the good old days. However, to form a lasting relationship you'll also need to find things that you currently have in common so you don't keep repeating the same old stories over & over.

Step 5

Remember their username. This is especially important if you just want to meet friends online that you used to know from a great chatroom years ago. Online relationships come & go, but every once in awhile a true friendship is formed. Just do a simple search if you remember the person's username. Many people use the same name across several sites so you'll be able to see where they are currently hanging out in the virtual world.

Step 6

Search by your graduating class. You can do this at a lot of social networking sites. You just have to enter the name of your school & when you graduated. Try searching through a couple of classes to find people that may have been a few years younger or older than you.

You can find new friends online or even catch up with your old friends. Just make sure that you don't do anything so embarrassing that it will mess up your relationship with the person when you don't have a computer between you. Also you need to decide how much about yourself you want to reveal and not evade anyone's privacy, especially if you are meeting someone online for the first time or if it's been awhile.