How to buy a hail damaged car

Check for areas where damage has occurred. If hail isn't that common in your area, you can still check on weather sites for areas close to you who have received damage. Google also has heat maps for hail damaged areas that show you which areas near you have been hit the hardest by hail.

Don't give up at the dealer. You can check on Craigslist or the classifieds section of your paper for hail damaged cars owned by individuals. These discounts are often more significant and the deals are easier to negotiate down. Search online before you buy a car at the dealership. You can often find better deals online at eBay or other auction websites than in a dealership because individuals are less likely to price gouge.

Shop around. Go to each dealership (or call) and ask about the hail damaged cars, find a similar car at the next dealership and compare prices given by both.

Ask for damaged inventory. If you go into a dealership and don't specifically request cars that have been damaged by hail, the dealer will try to get you to buy a new car. You must ask right away, so they won't get confused about what you want.

Hold the dealer accountable. If a car sales rep gives you a promise, you should hold him accountable. If he or she makes a promise, you should be prepared to go to a different dealership if you don't feel comfortable.