To listen to music online is rather easy. I'll show you some music sites where you can go to listen to music online. Whatever music taste that you have, from hip hop, rap, country, or you like to listen to classical music. Some sites cost some money, some sites are free. I won't point you into any illegal sites, where you'll end up in trouble. There was recently a person who downloaded a bunch of illegal songs, now owes fines up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So be careful where you download music.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Buy music online. Go to a place called itunes. I'm sure most people who frequently use the internet, are well are of itunes. In case you're not, it's an online music store. You can buy music files and then listen to them anytime. What is nice about itunes, you don't have to buy albums. Say you like one song a lot, it sure stinks having to pay 19.99 for a cd, where on itunes you can buy just one song for much less. A song goes for about a dollar.. You can listen to it on your ipod, or listen to it online. It's your choice. Right now Miley Cyrus is the number one download on itunes. You couldn't pay me to listen to that.

Step 2

Go to This is a UK internet radio site, for online music, where music lovers can go to listen to music from variety of other sites. The site uses a recommender system, that builds a music profile of each users taste. It can help you find music recommendations of similar taste. It's a social network music site, where you can interact with others. I guess you can call it music meets myspace kind of thing. Where you can share similar music taste with others and interact with friends, or other people online. They use plugins, like from napster, itunes, etc.

Step 3

Go to youtube. Hey, it's a free way to listen to music online. To listen to music online, or download from other sites, it will cost money. If you're too cheap, or don't feel like paying, then youtube is your place. Go to youtube, they collect music videos along with live performances that others put up. You don't need to sign up, or pay any money to listen to music. Just type in the artist, the song, and check for video matches that pop up. It's that easy and simple. If you don't want to buy music online, or download music, then this is the site for you.

Step 4

Download napster. I remember when you could listen to music on napster for free, but obviously that got shut down. It was like a gold mine, burning cd's, but that became a real mess and a lawsuit was filed. It's been awhile since I've used napster, but it's an online community, where you download mp3 files and can share them with others. I'm not exactly sure what the price is to use them. All I know is they're still operating, and it's another place to listen to music online. Array

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