So you're thinking and wondering "how to find my birth parents" since you'd like to get in touch and find out about your family. There are different ways to find birth parents for free, and although sometimes the process can be a bit complicated. One of the great things to have in life is your family. Although if you've been adopted, and probably love your adoption family very much, you might at least be curious about finding out about your birth parents.

Adoption can be confusing at times and maybe you don't quite understand why you were adopted. Something there's complications of why, and maybe you'd at least like to find out. My sister was adopted, who much older than me. My parents were young, and weren't ready to be parents. It wasn't financially possible for them as well. Although both of them loved her very much, they were forced to put her up for adoption. So sometimes kids get adopted not because they weren't wanted, because there was no other option.

Gather all information possible about yourself, your birth, and place of birth

First place to start is with yourself. Write down when you were born, where you were born, and the hospital of your birth. The more information you have about yourself, and the time you were born, the easier it will be to find your birth parents. It might seem trivial, but you'll want as much information as possible before starting your search.

How to find my birth parents for free by using the adoption agency

Start with the adoption agency, they'll help point you in the right direction. You're qualified to file what is known as a "non-identifying information" that won't release the identify of your parents, but will give some basic information that can include health, age, religion, hobbies, what your birth parents look like, and even reasoning for adoption.

You'll need information and the names of your birth parents. Request for your birth certificate and petition for adoption forms which might give you the name of your birth parents. Once you get the birth parents names, this will allow you to start your free search on finding them.

How to find my birth parent for free through my adoptive parents

Ask your adoptive parents, since they'll be able to give you more details on the adoption, there's a small chance they possibly even knew your birthparents. Usually that's not the case, but still talk to your adoptive parents or other relatives in the family to ask them for as many questions as possible.

How to find my birth parents for free using the internet

Go to a social network and search for your birthparents by name. You can also create a profile with your name, and specifically use your social profile as a way to attract family to find you as well. Places like facebook and myspace are large sites online, that millions of people visit each day. Post a profile picture of yourself. Explain in your bio, that you're looking to find your family. Search under each search directory for names of family members. Check for social groups on facebook, or create your own social group on finding lost family members.

How to find my birth parents for free with online support group and websites

Check around online for adoption support groups, where you can share stories with others, and free information on finding your family. There's some good sites online like, that can help find your birthparents without adoption records even. It's free to register, although paid subscription allows more perks, like sending messages to others and viewing other search profiles. It's free to create up to three search profiles, free to create a keyword search, upload photos, view messages from others and view matches.

There are also adoption websites, known as "mutual consent registries" where you they try to matched with a potential person who is search on site for similar matches. You can search online for state adoption register sites, and fill out as much information as you can provide. Your birthparents might be searching for you!