You will no doubt be reading this article on the Internet. You may have been directed here after searching for a particular word or phrase.

You could also be here as you are an active member of InfoBarrel and, as such, write articles on this website and read other member's work.

Either way you have arrived here.

People from all over the world, all age groups and all walks of life, regularly write on the Internet these days, and make varying amounts of money, into the bargain.

With new writing and review sites appearing all the time, and tried and tested sites falling from grace, how can you decide which websites offer the best information and money?

Things You Will Need

A working computer

An Internet connection

A little common sense

Step 1

I came across Alexa almost by chance. If you have not discovered this website yet, take a look now.

It offers free basic access.

Step 2

The site is fairly basic and incorporates :-

A homepage

Top sites

Top 500 list

Site info

A toolbar which you can install on your computer. I am always rather eluctant to download such toolbars though.

Functions for site owners

What's Hot

Partial list of what is currently hot

Step 3

There is also a search box. If you type in a single word here, you will see a list of websites which relate to your search. I guess the site survives by money received via advertisers, in common with other sites.

Step 4

Type in for example and you will see a range of statistics regarding the website.

Screenshoy of InfoBarrel's statistics

Hover over the question marks and you will see a further breakdown of what the information details.

As you can see there is a navgation bar at the left which enables you to filter the country and language, for example.

Step 5

You can browse Alexa for free but if you prefer you can register and log in.

It is safe to assume that registration will offer you more benefits. There is a forum and obviously a community which may be helpful at times.

For me I find the website easy to use without registration, as it offers what I need.

Alexa is an Amazon company.

Of course, I have no definite figures to show just how accurate or impartial Alexa is. THeir tTop Ten sites may be anything but impartial or accurate. However, as a rough guide to what good and what is not, I think Alexa is handy.

I do think that it is a useful site and it may help you decide which new online writing opportunity is worth taking up.

Tips & Warnings

Unsure of accuravy or impartiality.

Is easy to use


You do not have to register to use the site