Are looking to find someone, but only have a first name? Well, you might be in luck. Finding out how to find someone by first name only is possible! The online world offers numerous of opportunities to find someone by first name. Maybe you met someone, got their first name only, and need to contact them. Or you had a high school friend, who got married and might have changed their maiden name. In the world of the internet, finding someone by first name only is easier than it used to be. The internet is a powerful tool, that gathers all kinds of information from people who use it.

This is not to say finding someone by first name is easy. You'll need to brainstorm, and be creative on your part. If you only know their first name, say "Kelly" then you'll probably be out of luck. Unless you can pinpoint the name "Kelly" to a specific area, college, etc... The more information you can gather, the easier it is to pinpoint where this person is. However, if their name is "Giacobbo" then try to find them by first name only might require less information.

Gather all information that you know

Think about previous employment they might have had. To find someone by first name only, you'll need to gather everything you've learn about this person. Gather age, location, along with birthdays which might be helpful. You'll need a location of some kind, or previous education from a school in most cases. Otherwise it will be pretty much impossible to find them on your own with a first name only. Gather all the information that you know about them. Even hobbies as well.

Do a basic search

Sometimes you might get lucky, and can do a basic search on google. For example, type in their first name, along with a job, birthday, age, or school. You might get lucky, and something could come up. However, if they have a really common first name, or very well known school, big city, then your odds are extremely slim. For example, the name "Ashley" from "New York City" is going to very hard to find.

Social networks

This is probably one of most effective ways to find someone by first name only. Go to a popular social network sites like myspace and faceboook. There's a good chance that the person you're looking for uses a social network. Anyway, not a bad place to take a stab at! Use the search directory, for myspace and facebook. Try to limit the searches, by typing in their age and, or location. That will make your search easier on myspace. Myspace allows you to filter searches with age, and location. Facebook allows you to filter searches using location, school, and workplace. Facebook might be easier to find someone by first name only if you at least know their location, school, or workplace. However, still give myspace a shot. If you don't know the age, then guess. Ballpark it for example, between ages 22 to 28, if you presume that's close to the age of this certain person.

Search directory sites

The bad thing is, most search sites require a last name, not a first name when searching for someone. So, that can make things a bit complicated. However, there are a few places you can search and find someone by first name only. People look up is a great place to find people just using first name only. They're one of the few search directory sites that allows it. Type in the first name, then switch to advanced search. You'll need a location, but you can search just by state if you like. You can also click in the decade they were born, to help limit your search. The searches will usually list age, previous cities, along with known relatives. It's free to use for those with these limited searches.

Then there's a site called 123.people, where you can search for online profiles, blogs, pictures, addresses, and other sites the person uses with the name. You can just search by first name only, along with a city to help minimize results. Pictures might pop up from google, myspace, facebook, and other sites of the person you're looking for.

Search contacts close to this person

Do you know the person pretty well, and have any idea of friends, relatives, or others close to them? Sometimes searching for someone requires thinking outside the box. Searching for maybe friends, or relatives that you know of this person might lead you directly to them.