If you are heading to Las Vegas, then you are going to stumble upon at least one buffet. Known for the famous food bars all over the strip, the best part of the buffets is that they are so different in Las Vegas. Not two are the same in food or price. In fact, you could even do breakfast, lunch, dinner and middle of the night just eating from the buffets. However you may have to be rolled out to the tables instead of walking so eat cautiously.

Consider What Types of Food You'd Like to Eat

There are faous buffets full of ethnic and special foods. Enjoy seafood? You need to go to the Rio for their dinner seafood buffet. Enjoy the best of breakfast? MGM has a breakfast buffet that has been written up as number one for years. Feeling like a simple buffet with the family? Circus, Circus is your dinner calling. And finally, if you want French food who could miss the buffet restaurant at Paris?

Ask at the Hotel

Feeling like a buffet at the spur of the moment? Then you need some helpful advice fast. Ask at your local hotel what buffet might be the best. Preface your question with the idea that you will go to the hotel's buffet, you are just looking to get out.

Dinner or Breakfast

If you find yourself wondering when to have food, then you might want to consider what type of activities you have. Food makes you sleepy when you eat too much so you may just want to hit one buffet a day!

Local Magazines Have Coupons

The free magazines are a plenty around the lobby of the hotels so look for them! Inside you will find coupons for the local buffets as well as special features that might taste great.

In Closing

The buffet can be one of those wonderful experiences that can bring a great smile to the face and a full tummy!