It’s that time of the year again, when there’s that “gotta-have” gift for yourself or a friend that you’ve been waiting on buying till just the right moment. Or, maybe, you’ve got a bit of cash to spend but want to get an awesome deal, but just don’t know exactly what you want. Either way, the best time to get it is on Black Friday! Below, I’ll cover the ways to get some great bargains on this hectic national shopping day. Enjoy and happy shopping!


                 After that huge Thanksgiving Day dinner, with your belly completely stuffed with delicious food and (most) of the relatives have been gone, what better to do than break out the local mall/store’s paper advertisements? Those ads will be a big source of your savings. Plan your strategy around what’s available, even better, share with your friends and family that are going with you, so you know what the others are aiming for. A word of caution: if you know exactly what you want already, do the research now on that item. “Google” the product name, look up ratings and consumer reviews on it. What do others, that own it, have to say about it? TIP: Pay close attention to the store opening times and deal closing times. Pick up as much flyers and ads as you can get your hands on! Look through them when you get home and plan your attack! Also, with the popularity of social media sites like FaceBook, you know it was just a matter of time before ads and companies started promoting their deals on social media sites. Use their marketing to your deal-hunting advantage! Price compare online for the item you want, just to make sure that the “deal” is really that and not just regular priced but labeled as a deal to fool the un-savvy shopper!


                 Good places to go, online, for deals include and Other note-worthy ones include,, and In addition, there are also Black Friday apps to help you make the most of your bargain-hunting, such as “Shop Savvy,” “TheFind” and “FatWallet” of Best tips for store shopping include arriving early and dress warm! Know the layout of the store and exactly where your items are located. A lot of stores have early bird specials, starting as early as 5:00 am. As they say, "the early bird catches the worm," that saying is definitely true when it comes to bargain-hunting. Bring the ads of the products you want, just in case the cashier has an issue with the price. There will be a lot of competition, so don’t lose your cool and be courteous to other shoppers. No matter how good the deal, it is definitely not worth getting hurt over, or potentially worse.



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