If, you merely play games on your PC every now and again, you may get away using a normal less costly mouse. If however you go online and play against other gamers, purchasing a good mouse for gamers will give you a significant edge. Additionally I found that when I switched to a decent gaming mouse the more control over the games made it far more fun to me.

Speed and accuracy

These are the 2 main functions that differ considerably between an ordinary and a mouse for gamers. The speed of your mouse is measured by the time between updates, regarding it's state, to your PC (otherwise known as response time). For a mouse for gamers it ought to be 1 ms. The precision with which a mouse can detect motion shifts is measured in dpi, for a mouse for gamers it ought to be more than 3,500 dpi.

Different designs

Gaming mice basically are available in one of two designs. You have your more compact rounder mice that are meant to be used with your fingers and then you've got bigger slimmer more ergonomic mice, on which you can rest your hand. I would suggest the smaller mice for you if you play games that require exact control for short periods, such as fps games like Cod. I would recommend the more ergonomic mice for players who log long ours playing games like World of Warcraft.

Wireless gaming mice

If you happen to asked me a couple of years back I'd have said that the response time on a wireless mouse is just too long, if you would like to play games utilize a cabled mouse. Just recently however, the wireless mouse has improved in fact it is now possible to get a very fast wireless mouse for gamers. It can give you more of a sense of freedom as you aren't as attached in to your personal computer. Be warned however these devices are a lot more costly than the wired sort.

Durability and mobility

A mouse for gamers gets banged around quite a bit, a lot more than an everyday mouse. If you are planning to take your mouse along to gamer events or internet cafes, you will need a carry bag. Some of the mice come, with their own bag. Also some gamer mice have internal memory to store your configurations. Which means you are able to hook it up and use one of your profile's configurations without setting up any new software program.

If you are going to purchase a gaming mouse you ought to definitely get a gaming mouse pad with it. If you use your mouse on a soft thick mouse pad you won't get nearly the same performance that you will get from a firm thin gamer mouse pad.

Hopefully this article has given you enough information to pick the best gaming mouse 2010. The key is to match the mouse to the type of games you play and your preferred gaming style.

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