How to find the best lawyer for your situation. If you find yourself in a legal situation you want to get the best lawyer to represent your interests. Anyone can get a traffic ticket, criminal charge, or be involved in a law suit. It is prudent and intelligent to get a lawyer that will give you the best chances at either winning your case, or at least cushioning the blow if you lose. You will want to research what court your case will be adjudicated (tried or heard). Every court has a group of lawyers that frequent that court, and usually the Judge will have his/her favorites among the lawyers. It is advisable to stop by the court and ask Baliffs, Deputies, and Court Clerks a couple of informational questions about what lawyers usually do well in the courtroom your case will be tried. You don't want to be pushy or look like a stalker. You will see some of these people outside the courthouse smoking, and that is a perfect opportunity to find out some good information about what lawyers are good and what lawyers are goofs. Yes, I said some lawyers are just goofs that hardly ever win in court. You want to hear stories from court workers that talk about the lawyers they respect and admire for the type of professionalism they display in their courtroom. Once you get a few names of lawyers that seem to have a good reputation, you will want to call and make an appointment with them. The really good lawyers will listen to your story, cut you off when you go on a tangent, and make you stick to telling the facts. They don't have time to listen to your whole life story, because that won't matter in court. A good lawyer will tell you how the Law reads and affects your case. You want the lawyer that can almost tell you what will happen in court, but a good lawyer never guarantees what will happen in court. This will settle your mind and you will kind of know what to expect. If the lawyer quotes you a ridiculous price for their services, you may have to shop around to find a more affordable lawyer. The really good lawyers aren't always the highest priced. The really good lawyers are worried about their reputation and will take cases that keep their reputation intact. What are good attributes for lawyers: Active on Bar (Lawyer association), No complaints at the Bar on them, Politically connected, They sit on local boards of public interest, They are speakers at various events for lawyers and the community on their expertise.

Things You Will Need

Good communication skills, good observation skills, good research skills

Choosing the right lawyer will save you a ton of grief and money. It is worth the time to research finding the right lawyer to ease your mind and feel like you will get justice in court.

Tips & Warnings

When you do go to an appointment with a lawyer it is advisable to stick to the facts and tell the truth. If you lie to your lawyer, your lies may come back to haunt you in court.