If you ever get injured in some sort of an accident, and run into problems with the insurance company that does not want to pay you fair compensation, then you probably decided to find a lawyer to represent you. There are some tips to help you find the right lawyer to represent you:

The size of the law firm as a factor. Size of the law firm does not say anything about the quality of the legal representation they will provide you with. A large law firm with many names on their list of lawyers will not necessarily convince the insurance company to provide you with a better settlement. The true can be quite the opposite. The insurance company adjusters who are more experienced and have dealt with large number of lawyers and law firms in their past are familiar with the fact that large law firms handle large number of   clients. Some of their lawsuits are worth millions of dollars, and some of their cases are very complex, so they know that large firms don’t necessarily put much effort and time in a few thousand dollars personal injury case. On the other hand smaller law firms  pay more attention even to small cases. You can expect you will get better legal representation for your personal injury case from a smaller law firm. Small law firms of one two or three lawyer are very often confines where many best personal injury lawyers practice law.

Check the background of the law firm or lawyers you plain to hire. You should whether they have represented claimant’s of defendants in their past. Modern law practice is very specialized. You should hire a lawyer that has experience representing claimants, or as it is called “plaintiff” in personal injury cases. You should not choose a lawyer to represent you that was mostly  involved as a legal representative of the defendants. This kind of lawyers are more related to the way of thinking of the insurance companies. They share their cold calculating attitude towards the personal injury cases. They will most likely not try as hard to protect your interests and get the highest settlement for your claim. What for you may seem a lot of money, to them may seem as an amount of money not worth of trying too hard to get the best settlement posible.

If there is someone you know, such as your friends relatives or the people you work with that have been involved in a personal injury cease themselves, you should speak to them about their experience with the lawyer that represented them.

Before you meet your personal injury lawyer ask him how much does he charge for the initial consultation. Since many personal injury lawyers don’t charge for initial consultation, if he does then start looking for another one.

When you talk to your lawyer about your case, you should ask him some question in order to get to know him better. How much did he represented insurance companies? If he says that he represented insurance companies frequently than he is a defendant’s lawyer, and as we said you are a plaintiff, so you should start looking a new lawyer. How much of the cases he worked on were personal injury cases? If he says that roughly threee quarters were personal injury cases that he is probably right lawyer for your case. How much experience does he have  practicing law? If he has many years of experience like ten years or more, then you will not make a mistake hiring him. If he says one or two years then you should probably be better off with another more experienced lawyer.