A stock certificate is a legal representation of a stock in a company. Most of the time they are found in old boxes or in a relatives home. You can find the value of a stock certificate, but its not that easy. You have to know which sites to visit and what numbers to call.

Things You Will Need

Internet connection.

Step 1

Get all the trace information. You will need the date of the certificate, the name of the company and any other important facts before calling information. This information can all be found on the front of the stock certificate.

Step 2

Make sure the information is legible. If you have a stock certificate that is so old it can't be read properly, you might want to contact a professional that deals in stock certificates.

Step 3

Directory of Corporate Affiliations. The director of corporate affiliations is a large database that has all the information on former and current corporations. They list the names of old and new corporations. You can look up your stock certificate to see if it is listed.

Step 4

Call the transfer agent listed on the front of the certificate. A transfer agent is someone who is responsible for All stock certificates have a number on the front to a transfer agent. They deal specifically in lost, destroyed, or stolen certificates. The transfer agent will give you any information available on the value of your stock and any other important information.

Step 5

Hire a professional to research your certificate. There are companies specifically designed to help you find the value of a stock certificate, but they will require a fee. Usually the fee is reasonable and in no circumstances do they charge more than fifty percent.

Step 6

Find the company. You can either search online or by calling the financial information line listed on the company's website. If you cannot find a company listed under that current name, you will have to search old records to find the company.

Step 7

Find stock collectors to buy your stock. The hobby of collecting stocks is called Scripophily. If you have a stock that is worthless, you might still be able to sell it to people who collect stocks. If you find out your stock is worthless, you might still be sitting on a valuable stock.

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