The city of Detroit,Michigan has been beset with many problems,including crime in the streets, drugs, poverty, homelessness, and many others. While Detroit and it's problems are ignored by most people, I'd like to offer my own suggestions for turning Detroit around and building a better future for Detroit. 

1. Get rid of the D.S.O. The D.S.O. is the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. All the musicians in the D.S.O. get a salary from the government. Why? The music they play is unpopular, and it's totally out of place in our modern age when most people listen to jazz, rock-and-roll, or 'gangster rap' music. The music of the symphony orchestra is extremely boring, and so why is the government paying musicans to play it? The D.S.O. should be kicked out of Detroit, because kicking them out would save Detroit's goverment some money. Orchestra Hall should be open for musicans of all types, including jazz, rock-and-roll, etc. If Orchestra Hall was available for rock-and-roll concerts, it would bring people into the city to listen to rock. The city could charge rock-and-roll bands a fee to play in Orchestra Hall, and they may also turn Orchestra Hall into a recording studio, where bands would pay a fee to the city government, before they could record music.

2.Replace Detroit City Airport. There is no need for Detroit City Airport, it has outlived it's usefulness. Most air traffic in Detroit goes through Metropolitan airport, and we also have Willow Run airport, which is just a few miles farther than Metropolitan. Detroit City Airport should be demolished, and the land where Detroit City Airport was located should be used as the location for a new factory, possibly a car factory. There are many companies who are probably willing to build a factory on a site like that (it's right in the middle of Detroit, it's close to Gratiot Avenue and Interstate 94).

3.Eliminate cemetaries in Detroit. Hundreds of years ago, the city of Paris, France had too many cemetaries. The cemetaries were taking up too much room in the city of Paris, so they eliminated them, and moved the dead bodies underground. The dead bodies removed from the cemetaries of Paris were put into underground tunnels and chambers called catacombs. The catacombs of Paris still exist today, they are full of thousands of skeletons. There are salt mines under the city of Detroit, and these salt mines would be an ideal place to build catacombs. All the cemetaries on the surface could be closed, and all the bodies from those cemetaries could be put into the salt-mine catacombs under the city of Detroit. The land that was formerly used for cemetaries could then be used for building houses, apartments, and retail stores.

4.Encourage UPS to leave Detroit. The package-delivery company United Parcel Service (known as UPS) is one of the most incompetent companies I have ever seen in my life. Many people, including myself, have had their packages lost by UPS. I've seen several companies in Detroit that put up signs in their driveways, the signs say: NO UPS, which means that UPS is not wanted, they do not allow UPS trucks to drop off packages. The city of Detroit's government should hit UPS with substantial fees, to encourage them to leave. If UPS is forced to pay a fee every time they drop off a package in Detroit, they'll get the message, and they'll get out of Detroit. The city of Detroit should create a Detroit Delivery Service (DDS) that is similar to the U.S. postal service. The Detroit delivery service would operate delivery vans in Detroit and would charge a fee for delivering packages in Detroit. Basically, the DDS would replace UPS.

5.The Detroit public schools should be required to teach their students the history of the labor movement, and also to teach the basics of union organization. A class in union organization should be mandatory for all students in the Detroit Public Schools. The class would teach students that after they graduate, they may get a job in a non-union shop, and if they work in a non-union shop, they will be treated unfairly. They should be taught that if they form a union, that is their only chance to be treated fairly on the job. 

6.The city of Detroit should create it's own college, because Wayne State University and Michigan State University are not teaching anything relevant to our experience in Detroit. We need an urban-studies program that teaches all about cockroaches and rats that infest urban areas. The urban studies program should also teach about sexually transmitted diseases that affect people in urban areas. The urban studies program should also teach how vandalism is shaping the urban landscape, especially the theft of metal objects, which are sold at junkyards for scrap metal. In some neighborhoods, street signs are missing (they've been stolen and sold to junk yards), manhole covers are missing (they've been stolen and sold to junk yards), and the prissy professors at traditional colleges like Wayne State are not teaching any of this. They're squeamish about teaching the facts about rats, cockroaches, and sexually trasmitted diseases, but let's face it, these things are part of urban life. The high schools in Detroit don't even teach kids that they have the right to join a labor union after they graduate and get a job in a factory, it's like they're from another planet! This is the planet Earth! This is Detroit! How long will we have to wait until we have education that's appropriate for the city of Detroit?