Your Orange San Francisco screen goes black and unresponsive when you call someone. This then forces you to take the battery out and restart the phone. This problem is caused by the proximity sensor and is a very easy fix. 

How to Fix:

First of all turn on your orange San Francisco and bring up the dialer. Then type *983*0#.

Next go all the way down to sensors before hitting "testing light" and then "testing proximity".

Finally exit the dialer and test it out.

I had been to Argos and told them about the problem and they replaced the phone but it still had the same problem! I then went into Orange and asked for advice however they were no help either. So i finally went and did some research on the internet and discovered this tried it and successfully fixed it. If it doesn't work, you should try changing the ROM you use.

Another frequent problem is Wi-Fi disconnecting, when your phone is asleep. Unfortunately this is another fault with the Orange Sanfrancisco. I again tried researching on the internet and so far have not found anything that can solve the problem. There is a massive forum at Modac which i was reading through and although there does'nt seem to be any 100% quick fix someone had posted that an app from the android market was able to help them. The description claims "that when you wake up the phone and the wifi jams a message flashes up saying its fixing the problem then it simply reconnects automatically. You will have to download it and test it out.

Blade Wi-Fi Fix

How to unlock Orange San Francisco:

If you bought this phone you will be on Orange now I have nothing against Orange however I looked around and found that there are much better deals out there than the orange "monkey" or "Dolphin" which gives you free texts and internet when you top up 10 pounds. I found one of the better deals is with 3 pay monthly contract just 10 pounds gets you 1GB of internet for your Orange San Francisco to use as well as 400  texts and 100 minutes which is excellent for 10 pounds.

Firstly you should discover the IMEI of your mobile phone to do this type *#06#* then record this down on some paper.

Then go to enter your IMEI and it should present you with a unlock code write this on your paper too. Finally take off the back of your phone and the battery insert a different sim card other than orange and turn it on. It will ask you for a unlock code just type it in and it should say sucesssful unlock.

If you are reading this and thinking about getting it don't let this put you off. For only 100 pounds its a bargain, a nice responsive touch screen that is a reasonable size and easy to send and reply to messages. Its greatest feature is the 2.1 android Market, from hear you can download thousands of exciting apps from music apps to fun games such as angry birds.