High quality garden hoses can be a little expensive. Most people who spring a sizable leak in their garden hoses will go ahead and throw in the towel by buying a new one. In this article I will show you a quick and easy way to repair your leaking garden hose in order to get a little more life out of it before you decide to replace.

Things You Will Need

Tooth pick or appropriate sized screw

Duct Tape or Electrical tape


Step 1

Once you spot a leak in your garden hose, you need to determine what kind of leak it is. If it has a pen hole sized breaches do not throw it away! You can easily fix the problem with some simple steps. If your garden hose has collapsed and basically dry rotted, you may be able to use the spent leaking hose as part of a neat garden irrigation system!

Step 2

If your leaks compromise of mostly a round hole or two, you can fix it plug-in the hole with either a tooth pick or screw with a little Teflon tape wrapped around the make shift plug. You need to make sure that your hose is completely dry before plugging the hole

Step 3

When you are certain that all of the water in your garden hose has been dried out of it, Use the toothpick or appropriate screw size (If using a screw, use Teflon tape to seal the threads and make sure it is only long enough to clear the thickness of the garden hose wall when completely screwed in!) Â When you have plugged the hole, wrap the plugged area tightly with electrical tape or duct tape. Using a wood plug will give you longer lasting results than a metal plug.

Tips & Warnings