uneven eyelid
Credit: totalbeauty

What are uneven eyelids

Although not common knowledge, uneven eyelids are a problem that affects many people. As you see in the picture above, she has one eyelid that is a double-lid, and the other is a mono-lid(one crease), this may not be very noticeable at first glance, but it does annoy many that have it. 

Most common causes and steps to prevent it

Many times people are born with double-lids, but may notice that one of their eyelids has turned into a mono-lid, and it may seem very unsymmetrical, and the the most common cuase for this, is because of stress. Common types of stress that can cause uneven eyelids, are being in front of a computer screen or mobile device for long periods of time, studying for long durations, and anything that might make you have to squint (such as sitting too far back in a classroom). However, this type of stress is not just related to stress on the eyes, but it can also be stress that is job related such as fatigue, and the most common reason is because you are not getting enough sleep. Steps you can take to make your eyelid normal again is to limit the stress. Cut down on everything that is stressful on your eyes and body, such as less time on the computer, study in a well-lit room as well as in shorter increments such as 45 min sessions, and most importantly more sleep. After two weeks, if there isn't any improvement then you will most likely need special products, that are made to fix exactly this problem.

Non-surgical treatments 

eyelid tapeCredit: eyelidtape

  • The most commonly used product when treating uneven eyelids is  eyelid tape. Eyelid tape is basically adhesive tape cut into many thin strips of tape that are then applied to the eyelid that you want to change. So if you have a mono-lid that you want to turn into a double-lid, all you do is apply it on your eyelid, and after a couple of hours take it off. The main thing that you need when using eyelid tape is consistency, for some people it may take two weeks, and for others it may take months, but you need to use them everyday to see results! Using eyelid tape when sleeping is a good idea, as it wont interfere with anything. One more important thing to note is, eyelid tape can cost up to $20, and if you don't want to spend that much money, you can easily make your own. You can use any type of tape, but surgical tape works really well. All you do is get a piece of tape, and cut it into a thin strip like the picture above, and it doesn't have to be perfect for it work.
  • Another treatment for uneven eyelid creases is using eyelid glue. This works the same way as the eyelid tape, where you apply it on your eyelid in hopes of reforming the line which will then give you a double-lid. However, with eyelid glue, it is not as effective as eyelid tape, because eyelid tape creates a stronger crease, and lasts longer as well. Also eyelid glue is known to cause reactions on more sensitive skin, so just be aware. 
  • The third solution is applicable only to women (sorry guys). This solution is the most used as well, and it is using Make-up/concealer, to hide the mono-lid. The biggest downside to this solution is that it is temporary, so this doesn't fix uneven eyelids, but to some extent it does. 


overall, mono-lids affect many people, but it doesn't have to be a permanent suffering. There are treatments out there that can fix it, whether it be by using eyelid tape, eyelid glue, make-up, or even surgery.