Time crunched? You have much more than you think!

Life is becoming more and more complicated and what seems to be tough is not starting something new but maintain what you have. Many people can start a diet program with all sorts of energy and vigor but as we all know within a year or so they fall right back into the same old patterns and end up with more weight than they started out.

What are the causes of people not following through essentially forever when it comes to fitness?I'm going to look at 5 key reasons people fail to become lean in 5 short articles. The reasons I have found are

1. Time Constraints

2. Too Tired

3. It's Hard work!

4. Can't Stick to the diet

5. Family and friends discouraging their efforts

Lets look the first point time constraints. We all have 24 hours in a day but we all don't have the same amount of responsibilities and advantages.

I recommend going to a gym over working out at home. The environment, variety of  equipment, and friendships will keep you on track a lot longer than at home where there are a million distractions

Here are some ways to save time and still be able to get in a good workout.

a. Do alternating sets instead of regular sets. Alternating sets allow you to cut down time because you are using different muscles in that same body part. An example would be doing bicep curls and tricep dips right after each other. You can essentially cut down your workout to nearly half the time!

b. Only talk to people when you are either done your workout or quickly during your rest.

c. Go to the gym at off-peak hours. Machines are always taken at peak hours and waiting can waste a lot of time

d. If you are really short on time and can't make it to the gym have something set up at home. I'm not talking about a home gym but a fold up treadmill and a bench with some free weights is really all you need. If you don't have these equipment do body weight exercises i.e. pushups, pull-ups or squats.

e. Combining activities. You want to watch your favorite tv show but you know you should be working out..no problem combine the two!.  If you are on the treadmill use your ipod or laptop and watch while running

f.Eating less junk. This will save time because you will have to burn less which means less time working out.  Now I didn't say cut out junk food don't panic. Slowly cut the portion size down. I used to drink one can of pop every dinner time. Now I drink those half-sized cans and after putting a bunch of cubes in the glass i don't even notice the difference.

In my next article (part 2)  I'll talk about overcoming being too tired to workout.




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