Too tired after work? Lets find the energy you need to climb the mountain of success!

This is the second of 5 articles that I'm writing dealing with turning your life around and becoming fit forever. The topics of the articles are:

1. Time Constraints

2. Too Tired                             Too tired after work energy                                                      

3. It's Hard Work!

4. Can't stick to the Diet

5. Family and Friends discouraging your efforts

In the first article (How to follow through in becoming fit forever! (1 0f 5) I discussed tips to save time and still get in a decent workout. Now I'll be looking at  how to overcome a lack of energy we all feel after a day of work.

a. Between 6-8 hours of sleep for the average adult. I had to get this point out-of-the-way right from the start. Lets face it in an ideal world we could all get this amount of sleep easily, but this isn't happening for most of us

b. More energizing foods on our plates. I'm talking about "real" food not processed junk. There is a reason why they have the saying "You are what you eat". Alive foods are those close to nature as possible without nearly any human tampering. Some examples would be fruits,vegetables, beans, almonds. These types of foods have nutrients that give cells energy as opposed to a bag of chips.

c. Exercise. Most people hate working out. It's a weird thing when something takes a lot of energy, but then gives you so much more in return. Working out will make you stronger,drop excess weight (you will be carrying less around and have more energy) , and get those endorphins (self-produced all natural narcotic factory ) running at full tilt.

d. Take a few minutes in the morning when its quiet and look at nature. I know most of us don't have time but really 10 minutes is not asking for you to move a mountain. The benefits of calming yourself before you start you day can work wonders.

e. Group your to-do's together. I find myself running around however with a little planning I could have grouped a few related to do's from my list and saved time and energy as well as mental energy.

f. Planned caffeine hits. Instead of just taking caffeine in all through the day through your coffee, take jolts at certain times of the day to give you the boost you need to get a result. An example is when I fully wake up I don't just run to caffeine right away. I first get physically up off the bed and wash up first. Once I sit down to do my task I notice that I don't feel tired. However about 30-45 minutes later I start feeling myself  falling asleep again and that's when I take the caffeine hit.  What this does is allow my to get the jolt I need at the right times throughout the day. Everyone is different, but if you experiment with yourself you can see what works for you.

g. Power naps. Set your alarm nice and loud for 20 minutes later. Make it so that you would be afraid that your alarm will go off and cause a disturbance which will stop you from over-sleeping. These naps refresh your body and can allow you to run for 4-6 more hours without full rest.

h. Super-duper goal. I saved this for last because as good as the other points were this one alone is the best. I could be tired due to lack of sleep or partying the night before. Maybe I was  forgetful and my to-do list is lost somewhere. Perhaps my diet  was ignored . That one big goal with a vision attached to a  burning desire can get me to really push past all the obstacles and give me the energy I need. See, hear and really feel the goal you have for yourself when you close your eyes for a minute and the lack of energy will not be a problem!