1) Make a Schedule and Stick to It

Allocate one and half hour every day, morning or evening. Just make sure that you allocate certain time for completing three articles per day.

When you get used to it, writing will be easy because you will program to write every day. Writing is a learnt habits just like any other skills that we learn.

2) Highlight It's Big Picture

To commit to write, you need to clearly state it's long term benefits that will impact your life the most.

Write down why do you want to write. You might want to write because you want to be a better writer, express yourself properly, learn by helping others on fields that you are expert on.

For example, five year from now, you want to be a professional writer because they are revered in the society. Or, you might want to establish yourself as a freelance writer, earning extra income beside your regular income and become financially independent.

3) Learn Free writing

If you are stuck having run out of topics or motivation, just learn to free write. Free writing is writing whatever comes in your mind on a particular topics in random order. Free writing is also an exercise that will prevent you from holding back.

You will be known as a free-thinker, with no specific structure.

Free writing also lets lots of clutters that you are holding on your mind.

4) Avoid clichés and just do it

At the end of the day, you should feel happy and accomplished by writing your share and doing the job. Just give lame excuse by saying, I should or could haves. They are clichés.

Just do it as the slogan of Nike shoes says. Who cares if you didn't write. Only you. So just do it. Once you sit down and start to write, words just flows out like water and your canvas gets painted.

 Writing is a learnt act, and the more you write, the better you become.

 5) Every writers were mediocre once - Emerson

 If you think that you are not good enough, rephrase that phrase and replace with, every writers were mediocre once.

 They were as scared as you and me were. They were trembling what others might think and not. They were constantly boggled by their roving mind. Actually they were not afraid of the mass, but they were afraid of quieting their roving mind, the incessant chatter you do with yourself, that was a hindrance.

However, later, they realized that it was themselves who were stopping what or which they wanted to write. Once they knew their problems, they corrected it by just letting it pass as a thought, and proceeded with the act of writing.

After five to six years, they produced one of the best-sellers list. They were more informed, more specific, and clear.

It's a plain story, but the bottom line is it's the truth. Just make a habit of writing everyday and don't give a damn about what others might think. Build your own style, and that comes through practice and time. Twin towers were not build overnight.

There you have it. I have written another article on how to write. Just do it. Thanks