Writing About Project Management Can Earn PMP Renewal Credits

PMP renewal credit PDU opportunitiesCredit: javrsmith

Project Management Professionals, (PMP)®, certified project managers must earn 60 Professional Development Units, (PDU), per 3 year Continuing Certification Renewal, (CCR), process. This can take a significant amount of money or time. One great way of earning renewal credits is by writing articles about project management. Each article that pertains to a project management topic that is published earns PMP renewal credits. Each hour of effort spent writing or publishing is worth 1 PDU.

PMI has changed the requirements of certification renewal. Now project management articles may be published anywhere for credit. Blog posts, web seminars and project journals qualify for renewal credit. Until recently, the publishing opportunities were few. Those journals that were receptive of general submissions tended to be quite restrictive. They would accept few authors, not publish very many articles per issue or they would require an exhaustive referee evaluation process. This rendered the article writing category very seldomly used. That has changed with the new requirements. Now publishing is a PDU earning opportunity that may be quite useful to many more PMP certified individuals.

Many project management professionals find that writing an article can be quite easy. When a topic is chosen from their personal career experience, they are able to formulate their thoughts into a cohesive work of high quality. In many cases, they take an existing text, such as project close-out document, and use this as the basis of their article. With some additional overview and example sentences, the project manager can finish their writing work in fairly short order. With practice, they become better writers at increased speed. Even those project managers who begin an article from scratch, find that the writing process doesn't have to be onerous or lengthy. As they discover, the benefit of a high number of PDU renewal credits for the effort is very favorable compared to those credits received by volunteer activities. The cost benefit of article writing is also signficant when compared to the expense of project management course tuition fees.

Project managers may now write online blog posts, as these are now acceptable for PMP renewal credits. Despite the care involved in the writing of such work, they were previously not recognized by the credential renewal process. This oversight has been corrected. The blog posts are helpful to the project management field for the instructional knowledge that they convey so they are now encouraged. Blog posts may also form the basis of articles that are submitted for publication in registered journals. This allows the author to post on the Internet and still receive credit for their work as credential renewal points. Many blog posts cover a range of project management topics and are well written. These are the kinds of writings that can evolve into good journal articles. In many cases, the blog post will need very little modification to be acceptable for publishing. This is especially true for non-refereed journals as opposed to those that subject articles to a strict judging process by a review board.

There is now a project management journal that is much more inclusive for authors. It accepts articles from any author as long as the topic pertains to project management. Being a large discipline, the project management author will find many issues that they may write about. The new journal is not refereed which speeds the article selection process. Submitted articles still need to pass quality assurance, but an editor is available to help in that process. Each published article is valid for PMP renewal credits in the "Giving back to the profession" credit division. This is great value for the project management professional as the activity is free except for the time involved. By publishing an article on a trade journal, your assertion that your work pertains to project management is immediately obvious.

Some credential renewal credit categories can cost hundreds of dollars or require the project manager to devote travel hours to earn credits, or both. Writing is one of the best values to consider. You can get your inspiration from existing documentation that you wrote, email records or other correspondence. As long as you write about a project management topic and get published in a non-refereed journal, you will receive your PDU credits at the rate of 1 renewal credit per hour of activity.

Take a look at the new project management journal and the article writing activity. It's a great way to claim PMP renewal credits.