How to get Cheap Lawyers

Cheap Lawyers

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about finding cheap injury lawyers and even divorce lawyers.

Step 1

How to get cheap lawyers is a question asked more and more often in these trying economic times. In this case, cheap is a relative term. Lawyers go to school for at least 7 to 8 years, first for an undergraduate degree and then for a law degree. In light of this, cheap is a very relative term. However there are a few ways to cut costs and find a more affordable lawyer.

Step 2

The first step if you need to know how to get cheap lawyers is to be sure you must have a lawyer. Sounds obvious, right? Maybe not, since sometimes people want cheap lawyers so they can fill out a will or some other minor and simple matter. There are online forms that will walk you through that. Other times a person might need legal advice on minor matters but not representation, and in that instance, considering a paralegal is an option. There are situations that will allow you to do some of the things a lawyer might do like filling out forms or filing certain motions. This is not legal advice it is merely information and in most cases if in doubt a person should consult an attorney.

Step 3

The next step if those means will not fit your situation or you are uncomfortable with them and you still need to know how to get cheap lawyers, the best bet is of course to ask friends and family. They should tell you not only how well the lawyer performed and also what the cost was.

Step 4

If that is not an option then the next step in finding cheap lawyers would be to do a search either through the telephone book or online. The telephone book often provides less information than online and a good deal of calling may be necessary to determine if a lawyer is affordable. Online you can often use a contact form to inquire about rates or sometimes see some of the rates on their website.

Step 5

New lawyers may also be relatively reasonable in rates. In some areas your best chance of getting cheap lawyers is finding a newly graduated lawyer and hiring him. Their rates are less as they are gaining experience. The less than attractive part is that they don't have much experience yet.

The last step here assumes you have found a lawyer who is affordable and this is important. Be sure and check references and even speak to former clients of this attorney if possible, and ensure this lawyer is licensed with your state's bar association.

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