Sesame Street Coupons 2019 Are Readily Available

Updated for the 2019 Season

You can get discount tickets for Sesame Place, located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania and have a fun-filled day with your family. Sesame Street has been around since 1969, and children can play the day away at the show's theme park with Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar, Cookie Monster and so many other of their favorite characters from the hit television series. 

How to Get Discount Tickets and Coupons for Sesame PlaceCredit: Photo from Pixabay


Photo from Pixabay

When you buy discount tickets to Sesame Place, you have a choice of wet attractions or dry attractions to keep your children and grandchildren happy.

The wet attractions are:

Bert and Ernie’s Slip and Slide

Big Bird’s Rambling River

The Count’s Splash Castle

Ernie’s Waterworks

Rubber Duckie Pond

Sesame Streak

Sky Splash

Slimey’s Chutes

Slippery Slopes

Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave

There are nearly two dozen dry attractions, in case your little one is not a fan of getting wet or is afraid of the water. Some of these rides are:

1-2-3 Smile With Me

Big Bird’s Balloon Race

Big Bird’s Court

Cookie Mountain

Elmo’s World

Ernie’s Bed Bounce

Grover World Twirl

Monster Maze

Sesame Neighborhood

Silly Sand Slide

Snuffy’s Slide

When you buy tickets to the park, you also get as part of your day three different shows and the character parade.

At the Sesame Place website, it tells you up-to-date offers for multi-day passes, which do offer a discount over two single-day passes. Season Pass holders get discounts on food and park merchandise, and there are different levels of Season Pass holders.

Where Can I Find Coupons for Sesame Place in 2018

Groupons Check out the Groupon page for Sesame Place to find the latest deals!

Fast food chains like Burger King are one place to find the coupons parents covet. Typically, they have coupons at the cash registers. If you are traveling from out of town, before you buy your tickets from AAA, you may want to visit a local fast food place or supermarket and ask the locals where they buy their tickets to the park.

Coupons for Sesame Place can be found at New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania McDonald's, WaWa, Quick Check and Rite Aid stores.  They can also be found in the regional Kidstuff Book. 

More Places to Find Sesame Place Coupons and Discounts

If you do not know someone who can get you tickets, then the first place to look for discount tickets to Sesame Place is your AAA office. AAA offers many discount tickets to amusement parks, including this park.  Ask if they will give you a AAA discount when you arrive at the gate to purchase your tickets. Be sure to have your AAA card on hand, as that is the proof you need to get your discount!

In the past,  discount tickets have appeared on soda cans. You might want to look at a local grocery store or convenience store to see if is available this season. The cost of a six-pack of soda is well worth the additional savings per ticket!

If you are planning to go and spend the day with a large group of people, you will be eligible for reduced admission. A minimum of fifteen people and advanced reservations two weeks prior to your visit are required. This discount applies to Single-Day passes only.

How to Get Discount Tickets and Coupons for Sesame PlaceCredit: Photo from Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

Another way to pay less for your admission is to buy Twilight Tickets.  There is a significant price reduction for those only wanting to spend a few hours at the park.

If you plan your trip for later in the summer, Sesame Place offers its Season Passes at deep discounts. If you can make two trips before summer ends, it is worth the investment and will pay for itself. An added bonus is that you also get discounted food with Season Passes.

There are twenty-five hotels that offer vacation packages along with the ability to upgrade your passes.  The park website has all of the stay-and-play package details, along with additional money saving deals.

No matter how you choose to purchase your discount tickets for Sesame Place, have a wonderful day with your family!