If you are considering the Project Management Professional exam, you will quickly find out that there is a certain style to the exam questions. They are designed to be fairly difficult. Often each of the four shown responses will appear to be correct. How can you do well on this type of exam? The best way is to obtain as many free project management professional PMP sample questions. This allows you to learn the types of questions to expect and also the answers.

Published PMP books
There are several published books that contain Project Management Professional PMP sample questions. While these have a cost, there are a few free resources that you can try. Unfortunately, the quality of the free questions may be unknown. The beauty of the Rita Mulcahey and PMI sample questions is that they have been researched by actual PMP project managers. Still, the free Project Management Professional PMP sample questions can be useful for your studying purposes if you are careful.

Free Internet resources
When you perform an Internet search for free "Project Management Professional PMP sample questions", you may receive quite a few web pages in your search results. A recent query found well over 200,000 pages for this search. The totally free ones like Ucertify and eHow may be OK, but only if you check the questions. Read the free question but be prepared to research the material to prove the answer in the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK.

Rita Mulcahy books
On the other hand, the Rita Mulcahy system, and similar qualified publications, give you free Project Management Professional PMP sample questions that have been tested. These are as close as you can get to the actual PMP exam questions. When studying for the exam, it is a great idea to use as many sample test questions as you can. When you do, you get familiar with the style of the questions, the flow of the wording and the format.

Project Management Institute Electronic Library for members
Another great source of free Project Management Professional PMP sample questions is the Project Management Institute membership library. This is an electronic library that is activated when your PMI membership is paid. Among the project management titles is a sample PMP exam booklet. This gives you 200 samples questions with the correct answers. Unlike the Rita Mulcahy book, there is not an extensive amount of information given as to why the particular answer is correct. Still, it is a great practice resource and it is free. The PMI membership also includes an electronic copy of the PMBOK Project Management Body of Knowledge and a substantial discount of the price of the PMP exam fee. Joining the PMI before writing the PMP exam is practically a must.

A warning about some free Internet resources
Unfortunately, there are some web sites that offer free Project Management Professional PMP sample questions but which are actually quite useless. These may give a few sample questions that are not representative of the actual PMP questions. Sometimes they won't even list the proper number of possible answers, (four). In some cases, there is no correct answer identified for the question. They just show the free Project Management Professional PMP sample question, a few possible answers and that's it. These sites don't offer much explanation for the answer, if the "correct" answer is identified at all. Be wary of these sites because they may mislead your PMP study efforts.

PMP Exam considerations
Writing the PMP exam is a serious committment that you should not undertake lightly. There should be substantial reading and studying devoted to the preparation for the exam. The PMP is an important certification for project managers. The PMI charges a high amount for those wishing to write the exam. You need to treat the exam seriously and do all that you can to give yourself the best chance of passing it. Part of your preparation may include trying free Project Management Professional PMP sample questions but, as we have seen, you should be careful. Try the free sources on the Internet if you wish but be ready to pay the PMI membership fee and possibly the cost of the Rita Mulcahy books as well. When you consider the small cost of these quality study materials and the value the PMP will be to you in your future career, you will see the value in buying these aids.

When you are studying the various questions that you will find, make sure that they cover the range of project processes and phases that are described in the PMBOK. Questions must cover scope, risk, schedule, and, of course, ethics. The breakdown of exam questions is generally known in advance as it is published by the Project Management Institute. Specific information about the exam structure is a topic for additional articles. Even the examination process for the exam is quite complicated. Everything you can do to be organized in your approach to the PMP exam is worth doing. Just finding free Project Management Professional PMP sample questions is not enough. You will not pass the exam with these resources alone. Memorization of some free questions is not adequate. You must know how the questions are typically structured. You must know the PMBOK material. You must know about ethics, especially how the Project Management Institute describes them. You must also have a general knowledge of project management topics. It is a fact that not all of the PMP exam questions are drawn exclusively from the PMBOK. You must use a variety of sources.

The Project Management Institute tests qualified project managers wishing to obtain certification. Upon the successful writing of the Project Management Professional exam, the project manager is entitled to refer to themselves as a "PMP" which represents the credential that was achieved. The PMI PMP exam has been passed by over 300,000 individuals around the world since it was established. The PMP is recognized by most in the project management field as one of the top certifications that is available to project managers. Growth in the number of PMP credentials has been quite substantial. There is no reduction seen in this growth for the future. With the number of project management workers in the world and the small percentage with any formal training at all, the PMP is seen as a valuable assurance that the credential holder has a better than average chance of delivering a successful project to completion.