Free Xbox 360 Stuff

With all the costs that come along with an Xbox 360 Slim console, many people seek out ways to lower the price of gaming by finding sites that offer free Xbox related items. Whether it's free Xbox Live codes, free consoles, or free Xbox games - there's a large demand for free, or at least cheap, Xbox 360 related material. You may have some legitimate businesses out there providing free stuff to Xbox gamers. For instance, there are ways you can find free Live codes and even game consoles if you're willing to fill out surveys and complete web offers. Some of these sites even offer free games.

Be Careful

Then there are sites that require you to pay a one-time fee for unlimited free Xbox games. They also require that your Xbox be modded. There are also torrent sites that you can download free Xbox games. If you wanted a game like Sonic Free Riders for Xbox, you'd have to be willing to take a risk because it's possible to inadvertently download a virus. Spyware and hidden viruses make downloading a dangerous, computer-annihilating activity, so it's probably best to stay away. They can sometimes be more expensive than if you had just paid for the game.


Probably the safest way to play Xbox 360 games for free is by downloading demos. You do that by creating an Xbox Live account and there you can sort by genre, latest games or all games available. Of course, it's only a demo so there's really nothing to get too excited about, but at least it's free. You won't be able to get into the story of a game or have all its features available to you. And most likely multiplayer will be disabled, if not it'll be an extremely limited version. Additionally, if you have friends that come around a lot and you're constantly inviting them to play the latest demo you've installed, they'll think you're cheap (which you probably are if you're seriously considering this), so it really isn't a good idea.

The Best Way

The best way to get free Xbox 360 games requires you to put a little bit of work into it. It's basically the filling out surveys and web offers way. It's also the way many people find free Xbox Live codes. Basically, all you do is find a website you feel is legitimate and start completing surveys. A good way to do that is by searching for the site in Google with the word "scam" after it. If you see a whole list of search items with that word, browse through and see what other people are saying. If you find hardly any, then it might be a good site.Further Research Required

Further Research Required

There are more "How To" articles and ebooks on how you can get free Xbox games if you're willing to do the searching required. Being able to find steady free content for your gaming habits allows you to focus your financial activity on more important things (bills, food, gas), while being able to keep your habit.