Ideas for eHowSometimes writing your eHow articles is the easy part—but even the best of writers get stuck conjuring up ideas at times. I've written over 300 articles on eHow now, and here are some of the steps I take to get good ideas for eHow articles.

Things You Will Need

Some thinking power

A notepad and paper

Step 1

The easiest way to get good ideas for eHow articles is to ask yourself what you love to do. Write about something you do at your job, might have done at a previous job, or enjoy for a hobby.

Step 2

We all eventually come to the end of that list of things we do at work or for fun on the weekends. When you reach this point it's time to ask yourself, "what would I like to do?" Perhaps you've always had a secret obsession with magic tricks, or collecting and identifying insects.

Step 3

Go to your favorite search engine and type in whatever it is you wish to learn. Read 3-4 well written articles on it, and then once you develop an opinion, consider writing your own eHow article. This way you can become an expert on any topic you wish!

Step 4

Another great way to get good ideas for articles is to take a pen and paper around with you throughout the day. Perhaps you end up changing your tire, bargaining for a deal at the grocery store, or finding cheap airline tickets. You may discover a lot of things you know how to do well that just might be excellent for an eHow article.

Step 5

If you still find yourself running dry in the ideas department, ask other people what you do well. I constantly find myself asking my family and friends "What do I know how to do well?" Upon request they can shoot out ten or fifteen great article ideas. Maybe your friends envy your golf swing, love the way you deliver jokes, or simply admire your choice in clothing—all of these are good ideas for eHow articles.

Step 6

If you're still reading by now you must be desperate for good ideas for eHow articles. I might suggest reading other articles until an idea spontaneously pops into your head—but from experience I know that can be fruitless.

Step 7

Instead, look back through some of your old articles. Find a successful eHow article (one of yours), and do a new spin on it. If your article was "how to find cheap airline tickets" you might consider tailoring your article to finding cheap tickets using specific websites, or for weekends, or holidays, or on short notice—the possibilities are quite endless. Find an idea you like, get writing, and make some money!


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