How to get Mafia Wars Spreadsheet Inventory for the popular social media game Mafia Wars is a big question for players who want to track inventory and upkeep without starting from scratch and making their own. Of course, the exact type of spreadsheet for Mafia wars depends on the use you want to put it to and any inventory spreadsheet you download will need to be modified to match your character's inventory and plan your moves.
How to get Mafia Wars Spreadsheet Inventory

Things You Will Need

A desire for untold best kept Mafia War secrets and a Mafia Wars spreadsheet template.

Step 1

You will need to have a program on your computer capable of opening spreadsheets such as open office or Microsoft word. Alternatively you can use a Google Docs to upload and modify a spreadsheet inventory for Mafia Wars. You of course will need a Mafia Wars account and access to the Zygna Forums (the developers of Mafia Wars). You may also need a program such as 7-zip to open zipped files, though XP contains compressed folders program which is capable of opening .zip files.

Step 2

Log into your forum account at Zygna forums and navigate to the Mafia Wars discussion. You can view and search the forums without logging in, but any download will require your login. Click the search button on the upper right hand of the Mafia Wars forum and type in "spreadsheet inventory".

Step 3

For this step, you will be trying to find the spreadsheet inventory for Mafia Wars among all the search results displayed. One of the most popular spreadsheet inventory downloads is posted under the Username Jon Mohler. You may find others as well since users upload helpful items all the time, including improved versions of the Mafia Wars spreadsheet inventory. When you find a spreadsheet inventory download that looks good you should also take a moment to read the directions, and make sure that your version of MS word or Open Office can open the document type. If you are using Google Docs to open your spreadsheet files then version should not be a problem.

Step 4

Right click the download link for spreadsheet inventory, which is usually in .zip form and save to a spot on your hard drive that is easy to remember. When your download is finished, (usually only a few seconds) then you will need to navigate to the spot you saved the spreadsheet inventory for Mafia Wars to open it. If you are using Google Docs to open the spreadsheet inventory file, just uncompress the file and upload it to your Google Docs account and begin entering your own information, otherwise use the program on your PC you use to open spreadsheets such as Open Office or Excel.


Tips & Warnings

Before opening any file downloaded off the internet, it is important you scan it for malicious software first. Most files are safe, but why take chances when you need only a minute to check a spreadsheet inventory for Mafia Wars and be safe.

Enjoy playing, and hopefully soon you will be able to reach Ultimate Godfather status like some players have by scoring 952 Godfather Points and 673 Mafia Followers In 8 Days.