If you have watched the recent Hollywood blockbuster Sex and the City 2 (two) you may have noticed the girls walking around with stunning metallic nails. These are not your traditional nail polish solution, no in fact they are a new form of nail art design technique that has only been around for a couple of years.

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The girls on Sex in the City 2 use a nail wrap system, which is applied by a nail professional. But unlike traditional nail polishes they are actually using a heat activated adhesive over the nail. In simple terms, its a kind of nail sticker, but with lots of sciencey stuff behind it to make them look glamorous.

The brand that is sported in Sex and the City two is a brand called Minx nails. These have become a huge fashion icon across the globe in recent years as many celebrities have worn them to main stream events. The brand is growing and exposure with it. If you want to sport nails like these, you can check out the Minx suppliers on their website to find a salon near you.

They cost between $30-60 for a full set, and generally don't last for over 1 week.

There are some other brands on the market that are similar product and deliver similar results.

The most notable brand is Trendy Nail Wraps. This is a very similar product to Minx and has some of the same designs (such as the metallic gold and silver finishes) but also has a huge range of complex, intricate designs.

The most notable difference between Trendy Nail Wraps and Minx is that Trendy Nail Wraps has a different cut (shape of the nail wrap) called Professional Cut. This is a design meant to work with acrylic or gel extensions and is shaped to fit over the tip of the nail, not the whole nail.

The great this about this cut is that it works with a gel or acrylic overlay meaning the wrap is sealed in. This creates long lasting effects of 4 weeks or more!

Both Trendy Nail Wraps and Minx Nails have products that will also fit on your toe nails so you can have a complete matching set.

And both come in over 100 designs – that's over 200 designs to make sure your nails match whatever outfit you decide to wear!

Whichever way you choose to go, you too could be sporting glamorous nails like Samantha sooner than you think!