The eyebrows are the key to defining your look. If you change your eyebrows you can totally redefine your entire look. While in fashion having thick or thin brows changes frequently, if you were born with a strong pair of brows, hold onto them or at least think carefully before plucking them. Many people have regretted over plucking their brows at it losses the strongly defined curves. For those who are not blessed with natural defined eyebrows, there are forms of cosmetic enhancements available. Tattooing is a good method for those who are 100% sure of shape and colour of the eyebrow you want. Also if you go swimming you don’t need to worry about your eyebrow rubbing off. Another option is to use an eyebrow pencil, make sure you use a shade lighter than your natural hair colour if you have dark hair (use a colour one shade darker if you have light coloured hair), this will ensure your eyebrow pencil blends in without looking too obvious.

When shaping your eyebrow, make sure you are using a very good tweezers. Make sure you only pluck underneath the natural curve. Plucking above the natural curve can result in spiky regrowth which looks odd and unsightly.

eyebrow grooming tools

Want to know how to get the perfect set of brows? Then read these tips on how to get perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Tip 1

Never pluck above the eyebrows. Instead use a facial bleach to bleach any unruly hairs above the eyebrow until they are no longer noticeable. Make sure you are very careful and take extra care because you don’t want your eyebrows to become patchy.

Tip 2

Always tweeze one hair at a time. Start at the end closest to your nose bridge and work your way outwards. Follow your natural arch and only pluck underneath your eyebrows. To avoid risk of infection wipe the eyebrow areas with toner and a cotton pad afterwards.

Tip 3

Get into the habit of using an eyebrow brush to gently sweep the hairs of your brows upwards. This is a tip used by actresses and models to open up their eyes and look groomed.

Tip 4

This is a golden rule when using eyebrow pencils; however it is broken multiple times. When using a brow pencil, use gentle broken movements to create a natural looking arc. Avoid drawing your brows in one continuous movement as this gives a scary cartoonish effect.

Tip 5

Always pluck hairs in the direction in which they grow. This method is the least painful and ensures the hair grows back flat, opposed to just sticking out.

Tip 6

For a more subtle look, bleach your brows one or two shades lighter than your natural hair colour. If you make any drastic changes to your hair colour make sure your eyebrows match. Facial bleach is perfectly fine to use when lightening your brows, just be very careful when washing it off.

Tip 7

Avoid the temptation to over pluck your eyebrows. A single brow hair can make a huge difference whether it is added or taken away. Always remember to pluck one eyebrow hair at a time.

Tip 8

If you refuse to pluck any brow hairs, make sure you at least brush your brows.

Tip 9

If you pluck your brows and find you are getting stubbly regrowth, consider using electrolysis to permanently remove the hair. Only do this if you are absolutely sure you want that hair to be gone for good.

Tip 10

Any easy tip to figuring out the shape to pluck your brows is to use white pencil. Use the white pencil to draw along the natural eyebrow. You will be able to see the final desired shape and avoid making a big mistake.