FrontierVille SaltpeterFrontierVille is a new game that is taking Facebook by storm. The game by Zynga has many FarmVille players retiring their plowed plots for more rustic approach to living. Players now start completely from scratch by clearing land, and willing and dealing to make . Many players of the game FrontierVille on Facebook are having difficulties getting saltpeter. A player must find saltpeter in order to complete the Craft Fireworks goal near the beginning of the game. Of course even after this goal is reached, it might be handy for a player to keep a spare saltpeter around for future goals and adventures.

There are two ways to receive saltpeter in the Facebook game FrontierVille. One is from a Manure Collection. The name is funny but it gives an accurate description. A player will simply feed an animal and collect the droppings to meet the goal of the collection. The process can be a bit trying, but avid gamers shouldn't have difficulties in completing the task required which is described below.

In order to find the Manure Collection, a player must get these:

  • Poultry Puddin' - This will come from chickens and geese.
  • Piggy Poop - Coming from feeding pigs.
  • Brush Brownie - Which will be from goats and sheep.
  • Prairie Pile - Found by feeding the horses or mules.
  • Meadow Muffin - From the cows and oxen.

Now a player might not have all of these animals themselves. So, just simply feed and collect the droppings from a neighbor's livestock. This can be really handy for the horses and mules, since they are hard to come by and can be costly to get. Once a player completes the entire set of the Manure Collection, the reward will be a saltpeter.

For those who are not willing to put in the effort, a saltpeter can be received for the trade in of a FrontierVille Postcard Collection. These postcards can be difficult to obtain if a player does not have many friends. They are only obtainable by receiving them as mystery gifts from friends. This set is collection of the 5 postcards from cities within the Untied States described below:

  • Baltimore postcard
  • Boston postcard
  • New York City postcard
  • Philadelphia postcard
  • Richmond postcard

This biggest problem in finding the saltpeter was having the know how. The next biggest problem is having the time or friends to complete the missions. With a little patience and a lot of friends, getting a saltpeter on FrontierVille can be achieved.