There is an online race going on lately, the race for twitter followers. What does a follower do? And how do I get more? For those who do not know how to use Twitter, here is a brief primer first. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006, and launched July. (talk about moving fast!). The service rapidly gained worldwide momentum with 140 million users as of 2012, and generating over 340 Millions tweets a day, and handling 1.6 Billion search queries per day!

How to get twitter followers
See this sign often??

So now that you've joined Twitter, how do you get people to follow?! This can be a daunting task but here is a secret: Auto-Follow. You see, tons of people use Auto-Follow as a way of being lazy. They don't care who they follow they just don't want to go in there and push all the buttons to follow people.

So how do you use Auto-Follow to get followers?! Easy- Do this, go into the Twitter page of a 'popular' user or 'high followed' account. For example maybe you are a karate instructor, and you want more Twitter popularity. Go and find the top Karate Instructors, MMA fighters, and other popular people in the field of martial arts: and follow their followers.

Now this is the important part: after you follow these people, and I mean ALL of them. (You could be clicking follow for an hour!). You have to immediately go to your own twitter page and write a post with a "@" on the original "karate instructor","MMA fighter" etc and comment something.

Like this: @karate_master  awesome session last week! 
                  @MMA_figth_club  great show tonight!
                  @ben_the_judo_guy  how do you do that flip?!

In different posts of course.

Now what happens is once you have followed those 300 people (for example), the ones who don't Auto-Follow (which may not be many who knows) will come to check you out. What they will find is that your last few tweets have been related to stuff that they like , and people they know! This is a huge bonus and they will likely follow you for sure.

I have a couple of twitter rules which I like to follow for a successfull Twitter profile.

Tweet often (but not all day!)
Tweet on a personal level (let people know you notice they follow you)
Don't Re-Tweet too much, you don't get noticed anyways by doing this.

Twitter is also great for sharing pictures, media and a great marketing tool for your business.