Most everyone wants washboard abs. Late night infomercials are full of products designed to give you washboard abs in just 5 minutes a day, 3 days a week. Well, let me tell you, there is no miracle product that will give you washboard abs without some effort on your part. Getting washboard abs takes dedication and discipline. Let me lay out the steps required to get washboard abs fast.

Things You Will Need

To fully take advantage of this guide on how to get washboard abs you'll need the following:
- A solid workout plan
- A good diet

Step 1

Washboard Abs

Washboard AbsStart a whole body workout program to build lean muscle

The first thing you need to do to get washboard abs is to start working out. I am not talking about endless sit ups, in fact, and infomercial producers everywhere will cringe when I say this, there is NO WAY to spot reduce belly fat. You need to start a whole body workout program. Increase your lean muscle mass to burn more calories and start on the road to obtaining washboard abs.

Step 2

Implement a diet program to reduce body fat

Now that you have a workout program going it's time to start a diet program too. The goal here is to get your body fat percentage below 12%. Only when your body fat gets this low will you see washboard abs and not before.

Step 3

Measure your progress

It is extremely important that you measure your body fat percentage every week and make necessary adjustments in your workout program and your diet so you slowly lose fat at a consistent rate. You may have very muscular abs already, but you'll never see them until your body fat goes down. Make small changes and you will obtain washboard abs.

And there you have it. The march to washboard abs is a tough one, only by dedication and work will you succeed. Don't fall victim to the infomercials and buy a useless machine. Just workout, diet smartly and your body fat percentage will drop and those washboard abs will come through. Start now and you'll have those coveted washboard abs by summertime.

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Tips & Warnings

Make sure you consult with a physician before starting any diet and/or exercise program
Pace yourself and set realistic goals each week