Get More Web Site Traffic

There is no point in having a website intended to make money unless you can get traffic or drive traffic to you web site.  You might have some followers but want to increase web site traffic.   Use a method I call  the  “Cap-E-Con" method.   ( Capture, Engage and Covert ). Once you get that traffic you need to know how to monetise it but first things first.   Before we get stuck in I am assuming that you have done you SEO and keyword research and have a good niche to work in.  If you are not sure how to do there are plenty of article out there to help some of which I have written.



It is essential really think about what differentiates your site. The foundation of building traffic is to assess what you and your web site are doing different to other sites in your field.  To be the best its important not just to say people will come because my site is better it has to do something unique.   Therefore right from the start thing look at you competition and try to figure out a unique spin or twist to grab attention. (Competition is good by the way as that means you are writing in a popular field) .


Linking to the unique aspect you also need to have a clear brand and design.  Design is key.  A website has to grab and hold a users attention in the first 6 to 10 seconds.  First impressions do count.  Think about branding in your domain name, think about what you tag line is and try to remind people as often as  possibly to tell people what is special about your site.  If you cant explain your sites USP (unique selling point) quickly and concisely you are on the wrong track.   Don’t forget and I will cover this in another post, make sure you include plenty of “Calls to Action” to give plenty of opportunity to share your post and ensure you have the social media building blocks in place (Check out my other articles)


To capture that traffic reach out to other bloggers, link to other people and posts. There is plenty of help out there and don’t be afraid to use it.  Others will often tweet etc and promotion becomes organic. Get on radars but the key is to make good comments in other peoples blogs. Gain that trust. 



So we come to engagement. Content is key to drive traffic and underpins everything else.  Once you have the capture you have to engage.  Make sure you are writing relevant , well researched and unique content.  However its not as simple as just putting the content on a page as one block of text.  Have a look a your peers blogs or even blogs from other things.  Have a look at what works for other people. I am not talking copying content but using the formats which seem to drive the post.  Remember sometimes your post may be a short piece  but deliver a huge amount of value and therefore be tweeted and retweeted over and over. Don`t forget you can use video and diagrams to add value to your post.


To really engage ask for reader contributions. Be pointed and encourage this, you may get little feedback but even a small amount can add value to you blog and website. Not only that the more comments the better the impression of the site. People like safety in number. The more comment the safer you blog is. The safer the blog the bigger the crowd and more likely it is to grow.




Now you have grabbed the attention of and engaged your reader what do you want them to do.  What is the conversion you actually want, remember a conversion can be leave a comment, subscribe, retweet the blog, be a facebook fan etc..  Basically a conversion is any call to action.

Rather than jump in and say "buy this" think about a stepped approach.  Train your audience to take small actions and continue to build on the trust you have built up with your great content.  Get them to comment, retweet and like etc..  like,  give reasons why this would be helpful of useful and use  the trust and goodwill you have built up.

If you are providing good content usually people will happy to take an action you suggest.  That said always make sure you try to give value. Make sure the “whats in it for them?”  question  can be answered.  If you can show within your blog and site how a product or technique has worked for you and have built up your trust people will often be more than happy to follow suit.  It goes back to the safety in numbers point.  Its been tried and tested so its safe. If you can get testimonies from happy subscribers all the better.  Don’t forget to protect you reputation and maintain trust, if you can vouch for and have used a third party product and site mention you were happy with the security and make sure you make your followers feel secure in taking a similar action

Remember don’t be afraid to ask for that conversion

Hopefully this article has helped you think a little about what’s important in getting traffic your web site and will complement the more practical necessities also required in promoting your site which I will be covering in additional articles.