Today the biggest myth about online advertising is that a conversion rate around one or two percent is acceptable. Although it is the average conversion rate, it is also possible for you to have a much better conversion rate of 10 percent or more. There are several websites which have conversion rates that are double digits, showing that it is possible. Although it requires some hard work on your part to get to that point, you will soon find you too can increase your online business. Here are some tips to get you on your way to higher conversion rates.

First, you should include a "call to action" option on every landing page. "Call to action" is the term used to describe the instructions that you give the readers of your sales pitches. There are other examples, like "subscribe to our newsletter," "buy now" and even "join today." Most of the websites with conversion rates actually lack these explicit instructions which tell the visitors about further action. You can even include a reason for taking the action to make your call to action more effective. A successful call to action uses effective and powerful action words.

Try to anticipate the problems that your potential visitors might have. Most potential customers generally avoid buying a service or a product because they cannot afford it, or they might want to spend that money on something else. You, as the marketer, will have to make your service or products a priority for the potential customers. When it comes to pricing, make sure to present the price in a way that your potential customers find it hard to refuse. Make sure that you do your homework by comparing your prices with those of others offering similar services and products.

Also, make sure that your landing pages for the ads are relevant. Most often marketers create outstanding ads which inspire customers to take action but when they click through the ads they reach the home page. There is no connection between the ad which they were just reading and the information on your home page. The result is that most people generally leave the website rather than navigating through the website. This is a big mistake. Take sufficient time to create landing pages for every ad that you run so that the conversation you started with the potential customer is continued once they get to your landing page.