Read these two real life examples and see if how they found work they wanted.

The Downgrade 

Example One: 

“I was already(4) months pregnant when we moved and knew I wanted to stay home with my baby for the first few years so there was no point me seeking another recruitment role for the next four months, although I still wanted an income. I wanted to apply for a number of xmass casual jobs that would last for the next 3 months but was getting no where with my current resume which included all my education and recruitment history. Eventually I decided to “dumb down my resume”. I took off all the work I had done in full time employment and instead added all the Hospitality ad reception work I’d done for short stints while travelling a few years previously. I also removed all my education and only left my high school and RSA certificate on it. Well, it worked. I  got asked for an interview for every job I applied for. I ended up working in a call centre for 30 hours a week until my baby was due which suited me fine”.

Example Two

“I was having a career crisis. After (8) years in community services I wanted out but the problem was I had no idea what I wanted in to. It got so bad that I put in my notice without another job to go to. I had an idea that I would get some casual bar work  until I figured things out because I’d worked in bars before as a teenager and a couple of years ago I had some casual night work in a restaurant to earn some extra money for a trip overseas. Anyway I thought it would be pretty easy to find a job. I did my RSA on-line and started submitting my resume to everyone. I applied for jobs out of the paper, cold called local bars in person and called hotels out of the phone book. After two weeks of following this routine every day for * hours I still hadn’t even an interview which was crazy because I knew there was heaps of work around. In the end I had to change my resume. I took out all the community service jobs and ended up with a one page resume that made me look like I’d worked regularly in hospitality 10 years ago but had done nearly nothing since then. You would never have thought it would work but it did. I did some more cold calling with my resume that morning and had a call that afternoon for an interview. I started (2) days later.


Starting from scratch

Example One

“I was desperate to get my first job. I’d done a bit of work babysitting and odd jobs for friends of my parents and neighbours but to have an after school job was my ultimate goal. Unforgently I had to wait till I was legally 15. Still, to get in earlier  I had to print off heaps of copies of a resume and handed them in at all the shopping centers 1 month before my birthday. I attached a note to it explaining that I would be 15 in four weeks time. I got four interviews and was unsuccessful for the first three which was a bit discouraging. On my fourth interview I got the job and I was so excited!"

Example Two

We had a rule in our house that we were either earning or learning. That meant we could leave school after year 10 provided that we had a job to go to. I was desperate to leave school. I wasn’t very academic and was failing most of my subjects. I was just one of those kids that was no good at theory. I’d tried putting in resumes and had filled out applications at all the fast food places in town but had not had any success. I signed up for an employment agency out of an ad in the paper. My consultant got me a job at McDonalds on the same day so I guess if one avenue doesn’t work you should try other sources. I had already applied there twice in the past but my employment consultant was able to get me past the “gatekeeper”.

What do you think? Have you ever taken a downgrade? How did you find your first job?