Working the friendly skies sound appealing. Well leave the ideas of living the idealistic jet-setter lifestyle behind because the media does not portray the job of being a flight attendant accurately. If you are flexible and willing to live a gypsy lifestyle out of a suit case you might have what it takes. Lots of challenges lay ahead but if you can tackle them you might find yourself lounging on a beach in Fiji with a cold drink in your hand.

Things You Will Need

A Passport
A Drivers License
A Interview Outfit
List of all the Places You have Lived and Worked for the Last 10 years

Step 1

Do some research and find out what airlines are hiring? Also make not of where they have crew bases. You will be expected to live on base while you are on reserve. Flight Attendants bid on their schedules based on seniority (how long they've worked for an airline) The really junior flight attendants are usually on reserve ( on call) and have minimal days off and thus are expected to live close to the airport they are based at. So traveling to a interview if you aren't willing to live in a new city is pointless.

Step 2

Type up and Print a list of everywhere you have lived and worked for 10 years. This is required for the extensive background check done for flight crews. Having a hard copy handy will make it easier to refer to when you fill out applications. Some applications have to be filled out in person so it's good to take this list to the interview as well.

Step 3

Apply for all the airlines hiring. Even if you aren't sure you want to work for a particular airline, the more you interview the better you'll get at it.

Step 4

Once you have been invited to an airline interview or find an open house to attend you'll need to get a good interview outfit. You want to look professional. Wear a suit, preferably black or navy blue which will help you look the part.
Bring The Following With you
* Driver's License
* Several Copies of Your Resume

Step 5

Once at the interview understand you are being watched the entire time you are there. Don't use inappropriate language. Keep your cell phone off. Generally just be polite and don't let your guard down.

Once hired you will be scheduled to go to training. To pass training study daily, never arrive late for class, and don't party. Some people don't take it seriously and they don't last long.

Tips & Warnings

-Do research and have realistic expectations
-Apply for a passport now if you don't have one. Many airlines won't even interview you if you don't have a passport