Having hard time sleeping

How to get a better sleep when you feel stress and restless, and you can't get enough hours sleeping?

Have you ever had hard time before going to bed, and try to think about something calming to distract your mind from thinking about, saying to yourself "I am not going to get enough sleep". even if you fall sleeping you usually wake up in the middle of the time and the first thing you think about is, "What time is, I bet it is time to wake up, I don't want to cause I probably only got around 3 hours of sleep". So I you always getting restless sleep.
Have you ever had to count until Number 2000 before falling to sleep? You don't even eat anything 2 hours before you go to bed, and if you do it is just a yogurt. So is there anything you can do to wake up and fill ready to go?

Things You Will Need

It's a big advice if you have an alarm clock which shows you the time to try turning it off and use your mobile instead, that way you don't look at the time accidently and get sleepless. I used to do that myself.
Another thing you could do is to put a couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillow; it works great for many people.
This is a real problem, there is nothing more stressful than stressing about sleep.

Some things you can do to relax your stress:

· Listen to classical soft music.

· Do more physical activities during the day.

· Do not do anything that will stimulate and over activate the mind before sleeping, as it will keep it active and take longer to relax.

· Message treatment proved to work great taking away stress

· If you have a dog, take it for a long walk.

· Volunteer somewhere is a good way to feel better.

In fact, there are many different ways to relieve your stress, but you would start with re-evaluating why you let yourself get so stressed and try to find a solution.

Do you like to write? When you get really frustrated, take the situation and turn it into a comical short story. Walking and jogging, working out, singing, laughing (watches a funny movie or read a funny book) are all great ways to relieve stress. Volunteer somewhere...it's take away your stress and you'll feel very good.

Tips & Warnings

the last piece of advice to you is never ever let yourself too long in that condition ....

If you have tried many things but still feel stress,go and visit a doctor for clinical advice