Play a trick on your friends and colleagues with a free screen saver that mimics the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

Are you tired of the same old default screen savers that come with Microsoft Windows? Maybe you are using one of the theme screen savers that display cute animals, hot automobiles, breathtaking scenic destinations or one of the many others. Maybe you are using one of the screen savers application that plays a slide show of your photos and images saved on your computer. However these are still the same typical type of screen savers you normally see. Would you like to try something new?

How would you like to get a screen saver that looks and acts like the notorious Microsoft Windows Blue Screen of Death aka BSOD? For those of you that are not familiar with the Blue Screen of Death, this is the blue screen with some cryptic error messages that you get when your computer system crashes. When you get the Blue Screen of Death, you are left with one and only one option… having to reboot your computer. (Mind you, Microsoft has been doing really great with their new operating systems, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. For the past 2 years, I haven't gotten the famous Blue Screen of Death nor seen them anymore.)

You can get Sysinternals BlueScreen at Windows Sysinternals BlueScreen. Sysinternals is a neat little free utility that allows your screen saver to mimic the notorious Blue Screen of Dealt. It actually even mimics the restarting of the Windows operating system.

The Sysinternals web site was acquired by Microsoft back in July 2006. The Sysinternals web site also has a great utility that allows you to run 4 virtual desktops on one computer. Read more about Sysinternals Desktops at the article "How to display multiple desktops on your computer".

The Sysinternals BlueScreen is a fun screen saver that always catches a passerby's attention. It is always great to see the facial expressions of unsuspecting friends and colleagues as they chuckle to themselves wondering if you had saved your work before you were hit with the BSOD. Better yet, install the Sysinternals BlueScreen on a friend or colleague's computer and watch their reaction as the Blue Screen of Death screen saver is activated. Watch how they react while they read through the error messages, trying to find a way to recover from a Blue Screen of Death. Then see them panic when the screen saver mimics the rebooting of the operating system.

Go and download Sysinternals BlueScreen today.