Learn how to get a free diaper bag, baby formula, coupons and great advice on pregnancy and baby information.

Expecting a baby can be a very exciting and joyous event. However it can also be a scary stage in your life; not to mention, it can be a very expensive event. If this is your first baby, it is even more frightening as you will most likely have a lot of questions. You probably are not sure who to ask or may not even know where to get help. Or maybe it is your second baby (or third or etc…) and you just have a few lingering questions that weren't answered with your previous pregnancy.

Nestle Diaper Bag PackageThere are many companies out there that offer great information, advice and tips on coping with being pregnant and taking care after your bundle of joy. In addition to the great advice and support, some of these companies also offer free samples. Babies are not only adorable but they are also expensive. Babies need formula milk (if you decide to go that route). Babies need bottles. Babies need diapers. Babies need clothes. And the list goes on and on. Let's first talk about where to get information on pregnancy and baby care.

The Nestle's web site has a secondary baby web site called Nestle Baby. Nestle Baby is a great web site that is designed to give you information and support from the pregnancy stage to the toddler stage. Nestle Baby is broken down to the following stages:

Pregnancy Stage
• First Trimester
• Second Trimester
• Third Trimester

• Birth
• Month 1
• Month 2 to 3
• Month 4 to 5
• Month 6 to 7
• Month 8 to 9
• Month 10 to 12

• 13 to 15 months
• 16 to 18 months

Nestle Baby is loaded with great tools. On the Nestle Baby web site, you can find the "baby feeding / diaper changes" chart, checklists and watch & learn videos.

In addition to being a great source for pregnancy and baby information, Nestle Baby also gives out free samples. What type of free samples? How does a free baby backpack bag sound? The baby backpack bag itself is actually a diaper bag and it comes with baby changing pad. When you sign up with Nestle Baby, not only they will send you the free baby backpack bag but Nestle Baby's sample package is loaded with other goodies. In it, you will also receive their informative reading materials, Nestle Baby instant formula along with some coupons on their many great products.

Diaper Bag (27453)Diaper Changing PadNestle Good Start Baby Formula

So how do you get the baby backpack bag from Nestle Baby?
Step 1 - Go to Nestlebaby's website to get all the great pregnancy and baby information and advice.
Step 2 - Then head to "Join the Program" link and fill out the form to join Nestle Baby Program to receive their baby backpack bag, baby changing pad, baby formula milk, coupons and much more.

After joining, I had received my baby backpack bag (and other goodies) in about 2 weeks. The quality of the baby backpack bag and changing pad is quite good/durable. The baby formula is the same size as the one you buy from the grocery store. All in all, I am very happy. Three less things I need to buy. Go and get yours today.