Fresh and glowing skin

No amount of make –up you wear can make up for the beauty imparted by a glowing fresh skin. Being the largest organ of the body, your skin requires you to take special skin care. The setting in of winter signals the going out of moisture from the skin and what you get is a dry skin with constant itching. Frigid and dry air outside and heated dry air inside are super dehydrating and leave your complexion looking tired and pasty. To get a fresh skin from head to toe, try these tips and these will give you fresh look all winter long.


Avoid exposure in the first place:

Fresh skin is the best ornament of a lady. Avoid exposure to freezing temperatures and drying cold winds to get a clear skin in winter. Dress warmly and wear scarves and gloves.


Moisture application:

Do you look powdery? If you ask me, there is nothing worse than to look powdery and scaly. To get a clear skin in winter, give your skin a shot of moisture. Apply moisture twice a day. Add a moisturizer with a sunscreen to your skin care tools to protect it from sun rays. Wear a lip Vaseline to keep your lips soft.


Drink plenty of water and juices:

Do you think that running to the nearest saloon and pharmacy is the only way to get a fresh skin in winter? The answer is a big NO. How long will these fancy treatments last? Your skin needs nourishment from the inside because topical things don’t last long. Drinking a lot of fluids is the real treatment as it will rehydrate your skin from within. Water acts as a purifier and gives a healthy, glowing and clear skin.


Eat healthy:

Believe it or not, whatever you are going to eat is eventually going to show on your face. To get a fresh skin in winter, eat fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content. GO FOR GREENS!


Do not go to bed with makeup on your face:

I can understand how tempting it is to sneak under the covers. But a fresh skin in winter needs you to get into a habit of daily cleansing before going to bed because makeup left for a long time seeps into the pores and makes your skin congested.


Avoid stress:

No matter what remedy you try, you can’t get a fresh skin until you uproot the under lying cause. Do whatever you can to avoid stress. Go for a walk, jogging or any other light exercise. Always remember, your face is the reflection of all that is going inside your mind.


Scrub your skin:

Fed up of a dull complexion in winters? Cheer up. I have a remedy for that too! Applying scrub to your skin gives you the perfect clear skin that you desire. Don’t use the skin care products with almond shell as it is too harsh. Also do not over scrub your skin as it can cause damage to your skin capillaries.

Remember and try to adopt these practices to get the best perfect fresh skin this winter. Have a healthy, glowing and fresh winter this year!